Buckle Up … Butter Cup!

Lafe Tolliver

By Lafe Tolliver, Esq
Guest Column

There it is. The former disgraced president Donald Trump will soon announce that he is more likely than not to run for another chance to occupy the White House in the 2024 elections.

Trump shamelessly inked another political pact with the Devil, who is described as the “father of all lies” by Jesus himself.

If you did not know better, you would think that Trump is the actual spawn of Satan with his endless trail of lies, deceits and proven con games foisted upon his gullible voting base.

But, no matter. To them, Trump is nigh their savior and chief; and the adoring and fawning white evangelicals were and are more than willing to toss the Bible and Jesus on the heap of their dereliction of duty pile to all things scripture, and vote for a twice impeached president.

No shame in their game!

Herr Trump is also betting on having a royal flush (poker term) in his hand by announcing early his White House ambitions, so he can chill out any possible contenders; and more importantly, he can send a message to Merrick Garland that any continued investigations will come off as a “witch hunt.”

Needless to state, right wing media and his base of “deplorables” (Hillary Clinton’s term) are swooning and fainting at the mere mention that their hero and rabble rouser will take them to new heights of glory if he were to win the White House.

When Herr Trump makes the official announcement of his White House run, you can rest assured that his coterie of past political sycophants will be saluting the Trump flag and announcing that they are again, at his beck and call.

To be sure, the debauched churches of the supportive white evangelicals will be in fervent prayer to a god unknown asking that their savior save America from the clutches of those “lefties” and socialists and pedophiles and media scums and gun haters also known as Democrats.

Trump will fire up his salivating base of voters by zinging them with outrageous campaign ads saying he must complete “unfinished” business and if they want to make America great again, they need to send in their best contribution (please, a fifty dollar minimum) to make this happen!

The weirdos and wackos whom we saw preening before the media and spouting the Trump talking points, will be jockeying for fat cat political plum jobs in his administration, if he were to win.

About winning, you ask? Of course, Trump will do his usual lying con game and say from the start of any campaign that if he does not win this time, the system is beyond repair; and his base needs to march on the Capitol, again.

Contenders against him? Hah! If Rick Scott or Ron DeSantis or Mike Pence or Chris Christie or Mitt Romney were to challenge him, Trump will pin on them demeaning nick names and accuse them of being  RINOS (Republican In Name Only).

Trump should know by now that there is no law or custom or tradition that if you run for a political office, you are deemed off-limits by the legal or judiciary system. Trump is hoping for untouchable status by running again so that if he wins, he can claim immunity or, even better, pardon himself for any alleged crimes, past or present.

What a deal!

The prevailing question will be if the GOP has tired of Trump and his negative baggage, or have they gauged the wind of their base and found it to be in favor of another Trump run. If so, the feckless GOP will bay like good sheep and fall into line.

We know of course that if the GOP takes the House of Representatives, they will in all likelihood, shut down the January 6th Select Committee because they are perilously close in exposing the complicity of Republicans in the nigh coup that took place on that date.

What does the forebode for American democracy? Simple. If Merrick Garland does not soon eat two full bowls of Wheaties and take some iron supplements, Trump will mock him as a” wuss” and would dare him to indict him on any charges. If so, that leaves game, set and match to Fanni Willis out of Georgia to save the day and for the Georgia courts to take him on and hopefully measure him for an orange jumpsuit.

If you are faint of heart at the upcoming tumultuous events that will occur between now and November 24, you had better, “BUCKLE UP BUTTERCUP!” for it is going to be a long and bumpy ride. Did I say that we live in interesting times?

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