Maritime Academy’s First Juneteenth Celebration

Irelynn Huntley-Lee, Haleighah Huntley and Brooklyn Jenkins

Toledoeans beat the heat to enjoy Maritime Academy’s first Juneteenth celebration, Thursday, June 16. Hundreds of attendants from around the community enjoyed a free fun-filled celebration with food, games and boat rides.

Local organizations including MIX 95.7, The Toledo Fire Department, Premier Bank, The Marines, Deputy Sheriff, Buckeye Health, A Step Beyond, Tackle, United Way and the Imagination Station shared in the community celebration.

Children enjoyed free food, games and bounce houses but the highlight of the celebration was the free boat rides aboard Maritime Academy’s personal ship along the Maumee River.

“Juneteenth is a very important holiday in our community that isn’t talked about or celebrated enough,” said Events Coordinator and Teacher Stephanie Dixon. “Our students and staff are proud to further educate the community on what Juneteenth is and why it should unite the community we live in while providing a unique event to bring everybody together. We are better together,” said Dixon.

This is the first of the Maritime Academy’s Juneteenth celebration with plans to do much more in the future.

The Maritime Academy is located in downtown Toledo on Water St. adjacent to the Maumee River and is one of only 18 Maritime-Themed Public Schools across the United States.

“The Maritime Academy of Toledo is Northwest Ohio’s premier educational destination for students grades 6-12 who are interested in maritime occupations. Located on the Maumee River with direct access to Lake Erie, the Maritime Academy provides an unmatched career-tech learning environment with its state-of-the-art educational tools, including an aquatic simulator, fully operable boats, and full-size pool. Students have the opportunity to graduate with a variety of Federal and National Certifications, as well as experience applicable to employment on commercial vessels.” To learn more about Maritime Academy and how to enroll visit