Rep. Lisa Sobecki Revises Barbering and Cosmetology Laws in Ohio

Sobecki’s bill to allow Ohioans to start barbering School at age 16 unanimously passes the Ohio House

Special to The Truth

House Bill (HB) 542, introduced by State Rep. Lisa Sobecki (D-Toledo), passed the Ohio House during session last week by a vote of 82-0. HB 542 contained revisions to Ohio’s barbering and cosmetology laws, including reducing the minimum age to start barbering school to 16.

“Currently, young Ohioans can begin cosmetology school at age 16, but have to wait to age 17 to being barbering school. HB 542 lowers the age for barbering school to 16 to be consistent,” said Rep. Sobecki. “With this change, more young Ohioans will have the opportunity to jumpstart their career training earlier.”

HB 542 was introduced to harmonize Ohio’s barbering and cosmetology laws; in 2013 the two professions were put under the jurisdiction of the newly merged State Cosmetology and Barber Board. HB 542 cleans up the law and streamlines the licensing process.

HB 542 now awaits further consideration by the Ohio Senate.