Jupmode and Brothers United Promotes Fatherhood Through the Community Shirt Program

Special to The Truth

Brothers United, without a doubt, cares about fathers, families and the community that we serve. The work that we do has been evident throughout the city, and we have had the opportunity to form many partnerships along the way. We are glad to announce that because of our hard work and our diligent spirit in nurturing our community connections, Jupmode has chosen us for their Community Shirt Line Up for 2022!

If you are unfamiliar with who they are, Jupmode is a retail brand that designs, screen prints, and embroiders everything in-house. Since 2006, Jupmode has been dedicated to creating fun and fresh apparel and gifts for people who love Toledo, Ohio and the Midwest.

“Our goal is to honor Toledo and other Midwest places by remembering our past and celebrating our future. It’s important to us at Jupmode to be involved in all the different communities in town. When we were thinking about our Community Shirt Line Up for 2022, Pathway came to mind as we have worked with Pathway on shirts for Brothers United for many years now. We believe BU is an important program and is a great cause that more people should know about,” said Molly Joyce, Jupmode’s Marketing Manager.

Jupmode is in its fourth year of the Community Shirt program. The brand releases six shirts per year as part of a retail line that it calls “Community Shirts.”

Community Shirts are sold for $24, and $5 of every shirt sale is donated to a local charity or organization making an impact in the city.

Brothers United is honored to have been chosen, and we hope that through building our community connections, we have more opportunities to spread the work of Fatherhood that we are deeply committed to.

“We love working with BU! Keyara Edwards and Avis Files have been wonderful to work with. From communication to brainstorming promotional ideas, it has been a lot of fun to see the passion and ideas that come from the people who make this program successful,” said Jupmode.

If you’d like to support Brothers United, be sure to buy a shirt! Every amount of help is welcomed and helps us to continue doing the work that we do.

Brothers United and all of its efforts continues to be supported by the community that we serve. Our hope is to continue serving families and shaping the narrative that Fathers matter and play an important role in the family dynamic.

If you would like further information on any of the programs, please visit our website, www.pathwaytoledo.org, or contact Avis Files, the Director of Family and Supportive Services, at 419-279-0798 or afiles@pathwaytoledo.org.