And The Winner Is … Fataan Temple Abdullah

Fataan Temple Abdullah

Sojourner’s Truth Staff

In March – Women’s History Month – the Daughters of Mecca Court No. 73, as part of their Community Service Project, held a competition in order to celebrate and promote women-owned businesses in the area.

They developed a list of such businesses and asked the community to shop or buy services, says Dt. Jackie Jackson. Then they asked the proprietors on the list to save their receipts from the established period of the promotion.

The list included boutique shops, tax services, health care, beauty shops (hair care, nails, body waxing, eye lashes, etc.), restaurants, bakers, janitorial services, bridal shops, custom furniture shops, realtors, among others.

And the winner is … Fataan Temple Abdullah of Angie Beauta Beauty, LLC at 2021 W. Laskey Road.

Temple Abdullah provides nail care, body waxing, pedicures, skin care for her clientele at Angie’s where she has been conducting business for about a year.

A graduate of Scott High School, where she started learning about cosmetology, Temple Abdullah drifted away from cosmetology for a while to enter nursing school but, eventually was pulled back into her true calling. She had worked in various establishments for others for a number of years before starting her own business.

Temple Abdullah caters to a “diverse group of women,” she says of the Laskey location. “I try to cater to the everyday woman. I did the demographics.” She also notes that the services she provides satisfy more than just the outward appearance.

“Just looking to see your nails polished or your toes polished makes you feel somewhat put together, especially with the different trials we go through during the day,” she says.

Business is obviously good, according to the March competition and Temple Abdullah has clearly done her homework in selecting the right location and in getting the word out about her services. She attributes her success to her personality in encouraging and promoting return business and getting her satisfied customers to spread the word.

She is also involved in community service by taking her talents to places such as “It Takes a Village” shelters where she can assist victims of trauma “in boosting their confidence and get them job interview ready.”

What’s next for the beauty entrepreneur?

“Permanent makeup training,” she says. “I’ve noticed a lot of women here in this area work a lot of hours,” she says of the heavily blue-collar work environment of northwest Ohio. She will feel that she is making a contribution “if I can offer them something that will give them some of their time back.”

“I have embraced the gift that God has given me and he, in return, has blessed me. As long as I am pursuing my gift, my business will continue to grow.”