Does Satan Wear A Crucifix

Lafe Tolliver

By Lafe Tolliver, Esq
Guest Column

It is official. The Catholic Church has been duping us for centuries. All along, the Catholic Church has promulgated the image and belief that the Pope is the titular head of the Catholic Church.

For hundreds of years, we have been cultivated with the image of a person known as the Pope being the leader of hundreds of millions of Catholics around the world.

We have witnessed the mercies and the graces of the Catholic Church dispensing kindness to countless others with food, clothing, medical needs, shelter and care for the less fortunate in our midst.

We have seen many Popes pray for world peace and they have strongly spoken out against such societal ills as sexism, racism, authoritarian and suppressive political regimes and other “isms” that plague or demean our relationship with one another.

We have witnessed the bold idealism of Catholic priests and courageous nuns stand against policies that hurt and harm the right of people everywhere to be valued and respected.

But until Marjorie Taylor Greene recently revealed a secret that only she knew about, I would not have imagined that it was Satan after all who was the controlling power figure in the Catholic Church and not the Pope!

Yes, the looney tunes House Rep. from a district outside of Atlanta, gave a rambling interview in which she claims that Satan is the controlling force in the Catholic Church and

for those who assist or aid immigrants with basics such as food and clothing, they are the minions of Satan.

Who would have thunk that Rep. Greene, a converted evangelical Christian, would spill the beans on the Catholic Church and reveal the real power behind the Vatican!

I had no idea whatsoever that Rep. Greene was so linked in with Satan and his ways that she could speak so assertively about the ways and wiles of the Devil.

In one bold fell swope, Rep. Greene tossed into the flames the Catholic Church and all the pretender Popes who were covering for Satan as Satan masterminded the policies of the Catholic Church.

Rep. Greene favors herself as societal pundit, who can distill in a few irrational thoughts her personal fears and dislikes in the hope that you will leave your brain at the doorstep and enter her fantasy world of conspiracy theories, space lasers and publicly brandishing AR-15 guns is a good Christian thing to do.

Of course, needless to state, when Rep. Greene was mouthing her inane comments about Satan being the head of the church, she provided no proofs, scriptures or otherwise, to even remotely justify her claim.

Rep. Greene puts out such incredible gibberish because she knows that a certain segment of the population who has undergone voluntary lobotomies, will dance and prance around her every statement as if an oracle from God.

Rep. Greene has adroitly learned to play the “us against them” con job and to engage in cultural wars; and now she has taken up the heavy mantle of informing the Catholic Church that it is indelibly stained with Satan being your master.

I can only imagine the shock and rage of Catholics everywhere waking up to the news that The Beast, The Adversary, The Devil, Lucifer, or whatever name you wish to ascribe to him, is their real boss.

Can you image the Herculean job it is going to be for the Catholic Church to now revise all their canonical literature, order of worship, prayers and creeds to accommodate Satan as their real religious leader?

How distraught millions of Catholics will be when they learn that their prayers and devotions and monetary contributions and acts of charity were in fact directed not by the Pope but by Lucifer himself!

Think about all the head scratching those Catholic theologians will be doing when they must rewrite hundreds of books because they were led to believe that the Pope, who was their earthly representative of Jesus Christ, was only a dupe of Satan.

Of course, one need not engage Rep. Greene in any theological conversations regarding her woeful lack of Biblical exegesis because that would be a fool’s errand to throw your pearls before swine.

A mere cursory reading of Holy Writ would immediately trash Rep. Greene’s bold face lies about Satan and the Catholic Church but that topic is for others to write books about.

Suffice to say that the GOP continues to harbor such reckless persons who speak lies to lies and they can do so because accountability from the power-hungry GOP and large swaths of the American populace merely shrug their shoulders when they hear such fabrications.

It is as if too many people are becoming immune from being outraged by such nonsense that comes from people like Rep. Greene who is crafty enough to fund raise off such lies that the minimal costs of accountability versus raising money is worth the risk of any censure.

Only time and the upcoming elections will tell the tale if the voting public is outraged by such commentary or if they will let it slide and chalk it up to politicos simply venting their bilge in the public square.

The toxic political and cultural discourse in this country has accelerated since 2016 and there are no signs of its abatement because those who need to or should run for public office stay away and the deplorables win by default.


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