Local Leaders Salute Federal Funding for Community Education Projects

Congresswoman Marcy Kaptur announces Toledo Tech funding

Sojourner’s Truth Staff

Congresswoman Marcy Kaptur, Toledo Public School leaders, union leaders held a press conference on Wednesday, March 23 at the Toledo Technology Academy to welcome the news that the federal funds are on the way to provide training for auto mechanic and electrical vehicle curricula at the Academy along with teacher training.

Due to the congresswoman’s efforts, $1.25 million will be used to establish an electric vehicle training program to provide students and workers the skills and knowledge for high-wage careers in a growing career field.

The funds are part of a larger package of $14 million recently unveiled by Kaptur

“This is the defense and industry of our country from Toledo and miles around us, where America hums,” said Kaptur

Toledo Board of Education member Rev. Randall Clark with electrict vehicles

“What we want is the kids to be the engineering minds in regards to innovations and advancements in the electric vehicle field,” said Romules Durant, EdD, superintendent of Toledo Public Schools. So, at the same time as e evolve into that, we need to provide a succession because we’re really in an area that’s heavily the automakers of the world.”

TPS ill be putting together a plan for the newly acquired funds, part of which may be used for a bigger facility for students. However, the goal is to ultimately increase the number of technicians and mechanics TTA prepares, especially those who can focus their talents and expertise on the development of electric vehicles.

“These are investments in the future,” said Kaptur. “We are moving into the future whether the rest of Ohio wants to or not.”

According to Durant, TPS will be leveraging the federal funds to acquire “outside dollars,” in order to maximize the impact of the ‘total electric vehicle program.”

Also speaking at the announcement were Polly Taylor Gerken, president of the Toledo Board of Education, and Kevin Dalton, president of Toledo Federation of Teachers. Both praised Kaptur for her part in acquiring the funds and noted the positive impact the enhanced program will have in preparing students for meaningful, living age jobs in the future.

“This is an investment that will grow exponentially,” said Dalton. “It’s important to have advocates; this is exactly what we need around the nation. Labor and management all came together.”