Dear Ryan,

Ryan Rollison

Every year I make New year resolutions with the intent of getting myself in better shape. I always say I am going to lose at least 20 pounds, work out and eat better. By the time February rolls around I am discouraged because I’m not losing weight and I have fallen off the wagon, I can’t seem to ever lose weight or see any changes. I don’t know what I am doing wrong. Any tips on how to make this process work faster?



Dear JOK;

Well for starters, I would say stop giving up so fast and give the process time to work for you. You didn’t get out of shape in a month and you will not be in shape or lose 20 pounds in that short period either.

I am sure if you are eating better and working out you are seeing some sort of results. They may not be the ones that you are wanting but they are there. Better sleep habits, more energy, better mobility and flexibility. You have to give yourself time and be patient. This is a journey, a lifestyle change that takes time to work. Give it time.

Set different goals that won’t cause you to be so hard on yourself. For example, don’t set a weight goal. Set a goal to not eat sugar for a week and to work out for three days a week. Once you have reached that, add on that you will limit eating out to a certain amount of times each week. then maybe cut out or down high carbohydrate foods.

I also say reward yourself at the end of the week with a treat you want then get back to it. If you’re one of those people that can’t have a treat and get back to it, then skip the tread and reward yourself another way.

Take steps. A lot of failure comes from people trying to do too much too fast. They then get overwhelmed, not seeing the results they feel they should, get discouraged and quit. Step back and look at what you have done so far. Are you doing well in areas? Then keep doing it! Are you failing in some areas? Then either dig your heels in or reevaluate your approach.

Modify your efforts to fit your ability to stick to your goals You DO NOT have to do it all at once. It’s the baby steps that are the best way to get there. Sure we all want to wake up the next day and be in shape but that’s not how it works. Learn to be kind to yourself! There are enough people out here in the world to judge you.

Know that you are working towards something that is improving you in many dimensions of your life. Know there will be hiccups, good days and bad days. Be resilient and keep pushing ahead. Focus on the positive things you are doing and have accomplished, that is what will keep you moving forward. Don’t focus on the day you didn’t make it to workout, focus on the two days that you did make it.

Ok, so you ate a cookie today but you went four days and didn’t have any. Focus on that and know you are doing a great job. It takes time, be patient and kind to yourself as I said earlier. If you need more help or want to set up a camp for you and your friends just shoot me an email.

Good luck and Unleash your hero.


Ryan Rollison

Dream Bodies