A Statement on the Current Level of Violence

June Boyd

By June Boyd

For over 60 years I have worked in my community in support of the young.  The children who will be in charge of our future.

On Saturday evening, January 3, several bullets were fired into my home as I believe was the result of murderous Facebook threats between teenagers.  If I had been in my kitchen where I just left, I could have been killed for no reason.

As a long-time resident, this is not what I want to see continue in our central city.  Even though it appears to be a nationwide problem, murder, violence, and people dying in the streets.  It seems like a horror movie.

Toledo deserves better and today, I am pleading with all those who are concerned;  parents, grandparents, community leaders, ministers, and our children who are our most important citizens and they deserve our support and guidance.  The community must come together  and set an example of love, concern and compassion.

One of the bullet holes in June Boyd’s home

Our family has never been a threat to anyone  and personally, I have rallied with many young people over the years from the Mud Hens baseball games to the Cotillion.

For those who want to kill or injure, I am pleading with you to put  down your guns.  Someone cares and can help you take a different direction in life.  The sad ending to what you are doing is death or prison.  Hate and anger never wins; love will endure.

Children, begin to lead, protect each other,  and respect your parents; Parents, love your children, nurture them and treat them as though they are the most precious part of your life.

In closing, I call on Chief George Kral and his officers to be vigilant  in stopping the violence.  I do not support “Defund the Police” because we need you.  When officers exhibit  behavior that is contrary to  routine police work, they should and will be punished.