Sir…Have You No Shame!

Lafe Tolliver

By Lafe Tolliver, Esq
Guest Column

Jussie Smollett is a sad pathetic figure. A needy person who was seeking love in all the wrong places.

In Jussie’s private alternative universe, populated by fantasies and make-believe concoctions of a toxic vanity and an ego gone amuck, Jussie was its preening king who wrongly believed that his exalted role in the series Empire would insulate him against any invaders of his own made up La-La Land.

But. A Chicago jury had other plans for this emperor wearing no clothes and much less any self-respect because Jussie’s time for exiting his bubble had come.

Sadly, the first prosecutor, fawning to Jussie and his connections to the Obamas, seemingly ditched the case on a grandstanding claim that the evidence proved that the boy king Jussie was in fact a victim of a hate crime due to his sexual orientation and race.

In Jussie’s world, if the roar and applause of the crowd grows dim, you gotta pump it up and get your bosses to see you new and afresh as an important actor who brings value and purpose to your role in Empire.

For Jussie, that plan to re-glorify himself was a half-baked concoction of having two Nigerian brothers agree with him to stage a farcical plot of Jussie being chased down, collared with a noose and called racial and homophobic names.

The problem with this craven plot is that Jussie’s skills in masterminding such a ploy were minimal at best and even his best thespian skills were not enough to avoid the long arm of justice throttling him in a court of law.

So, there we have Jussie caught between his lies and…his lies.

It did not matter as to the copious amounts of feigned outraged that Jussie and his paid entourage could muster, the gig was up, and the new prosecutor was not enthralled with either Empire or with Jussie.

So, when the halls of justice started closing in on Jussie and his ridiculous story of being a victim, Jussie had to play his trump card and take the stand to try to convince the jury that

he was set upon by white criminals wearing MAGA hats and threatening him with a lynching rope and demeaning name calling.

Why, even at one point Kamala Harris (before she was VP Harris) was crying crocodile tears about Jussie’s predicament and bemoaning his terrible treatment at the hands of these MAGA wearing thugs. Even Michelle Obama earlier warmed up to Jussie and expressed her sympathies before all the evidence was in.

But. The jury, with their X-Ray vision looked at the evidence and at the tall tale that he asked them to believe about that fateful night in Chi-Town and they said, “Nah…it ain’t happening with us, Jussie!”

According to the legal commentators who watched the prosecutor eat Jussie alive on the stand, Jussie was a total flop. His reviews were eviscerating to say the least and down went Jussie, lies and all.

Jussie had no shame. He did not mind preying on the hopes and fears of black folks that some how he was innocent and they should cast their lot with him and raise a ruckus to the skies that Jussie was being victimized because of his sexual orientation and race.

Jussie was a pimp. A racial pimp. A sex pimp. He had no conscience is trading off his celebrity status, race and homosexuality to portray himself as a person to be pitied and for the troops to rally to his side.

Except one glaring problem with the rallying of the troops. Jussie’s story was so discombobulated and full of yarn that you would need a clothespin clamping your nose to believe Jussie’s mishmash of gibberish.

In the end, it was all about Jussie getting Jussie’s way and it was equally about Jussie thinking that he was such a crackerjack actor who could sway a jury to throw him a lifeline.

Jussie stunk up the house with his fabricated tale of woe and misfortune and now he must pay whatever penalty the judge dishes out.

And as for his outraged legal team to say that they are going to appeal, let me yawn at that point and say, “I hope you got a fat retainer fee from Jussie for any appeal!”

Until Jussie fesses up to his crimes and apologies to all for his dastardly acts, Jussie should get no bargain from the judge.

Jussie consciously and deliberately did what he did without a whim of thought to those he would be violating their trust and for him to dump on the black community with this raggedly tale of assault, shows that Jussie holds in contempt the legitimate outrages of those who actually are violated in such ways.

Jussie is not our friend. His deeds indicate that he is contemptuous of the black community and he deserves no shelter until he comes clean and understands that his allegations were an injustice to us.

Go away Jussie…go far, far away.

Speaking of going far, far away. I will say, “Ditto” for the BLM airheads that lamented the conviction of Jussie by saying stupid remarks about all police and the entire justice system.

Such errant comments serve no purpose other to expose that whoever uttered those remarks has probably two working brain cells.

BLM needs to stop making knee jerk responses to all matters of race but then call all such matters, racist. The two are not necessarily in the same universe of thought and logic.

I would be a supporter of a BLM platform that addressed the embarrassing issue of Black on Black crime.

Yeah, when you see the national stats of who is killing who in the major cities (including Toledo, Ohio), guess what? It is “we” people killing others who look like, “we” people.

So much for Black Lives Matter because it does not seem to be that way when we are gunning down each other over preventable and avoidable nonsense.


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