Ohio Board of Education Members Forced to Resign for Opposing Racism

Last week, Desiree Tims, president and CEO of Innovation Ohio, released the following statement after two State Board of Education members were forced to resign for refusing to repeal an anti-racism resolution:

“Unfortunately, Governor Mike DeWine and Ohio’s Republican supermajority are failing Black and brown children in Ohio. They are forcing two members to leave Ohio’s State Board of Education, simply because they stood up against racism.

“Last year, Ohio’s State Board of Education passed a resolution condemning racism and acknowledging that Ohio could do more to address inequities in education. This month, far right radicals on the board repealed that resolution. Now the governor and Republicans are going even further — they’re forcing appointed board members who supported the anti-racist resolution to resign or face expulsion.

“This reeks of Jim Crow era policies that impacted Black and brown communities for generations. It’s clear that Governor DeWine is too weak to stand up to the extremists in his own party. We’ve seen him give in to the anti-mask, anti-vaccine crowd over the past few months. He has repeatedly chosen to place our children’s lives at risk rather than enforce basic safety measures. And now the zealots have convinced him to move to overt racism.

“This assault on education is just one of many. Extremists are using lies about Critical Race Theory to ban discussions of American history and critical thinking skills in our classrooms. These attacks must be stopped at every level of government. And we must support people regardless of their party affiliation who stand up to racism and hate.

“It is vital that Ohioans are informed about local school board candidates and vote in local elections. We need to support candidates who value honesty in education. We need leaders who will stand up for all of Ohio’s children.”