Letter to The Editor

At the publication of your newspaper, we have only six days until the general election, Tuesday, November 2.  With voter suppression looming over the African American communities, it is time to sound the alarm that we would like a renaissance in Toledo’s central city.

In the past four years, not one project has been implemented in our community of any significance.

Hats off to Alicia Smith and her Junction Coalition for her effort, however, we need a number of projects and a lot more accomplished.

There has been too much neglect; crime and murder has gotten out of control, too many young people have died and the kids need facilities such as a skating rink, go karts, putt putt golf and a bowling alley and we do have enough facilities throughout our community.  Imagine the jobs we can create!

On November 2, we will elect a mayor and six members to Toledo city council. There is no time for apathy when we do have the right to vote.  It is up to us. My endorsement for mayor is personal, but it will create an awareness of the importance of our community, and who is paying attention.

It is time to have the kind of leadership that encompasses our community and propels it to a higher level.

Carty Finkbeiner, a three-term mayor is running again because he too has seen the continued neglect in our neighborhoods.  When he was mayor, so many people have told me how “clean” the streets were, and how he made an effort to offer jobs to gang members or anyone who wanted to work, and did not exclude or cast off our people as not a factor in economic  development.

If we are to move forward in this dark time of fear and disgust, consider voting for Carty Finkbeiner in mass numbers, senior citizens, millenials, residents young and old who are interested in Real leadership in the mayor’s office; let our voices be heard.

June Boyd