Tiffany Lewis: Need A Job? Then, Do SUMthing

Tiffany Lewis

Tiffany Lewis has been fueling the career success of high-potential managers for 12 years; now, she has taken that experience and captured it in a book, Need A Job? Then, Do SUMthing!, and accompanying workshop, Do SUMthing Career Success System. Learn more:

High performers often feel confused and stuck when they struggle to get job offers! On a mission to deliver a solution, Tiffany trained to become an expert in interview preparation. Both her book and workshop are packed with valuable insider information to help managers and high-potentials master the skill of interviewing and land job offers.

Certified resume writer, career coach, and owner of Careers In Bloom, a premier resume writing and career coaching company for high-earning professionals, Tiffany holds multiple credentials, including Certified Professional Resume Writer, Certified Professional Career Coach, Certified John Maxwell Empowerment Retreat Speaker, and a Master’s in education.

Tiffany’s worked with ProMedica ICU Nurses, Sinclair Community College, Zepf Conference, Ohio Department of Job & Family Services, and others.

Tiffany resides in Toledo, is a devoted licensed minister. Recipient of The Harry Alford Outstanding Business Professional (2016), Tiffany works tirelessly to position her clients for career success.