Letter to The Editor from June Boyd  

In response to Rev. Donald L. Perryman, PhD, it is fair to your readers to have another writer’s perspective concerning the Race for Mayor in Toledo.

First of all, this race is about leadership; it is about us, it is up to us.  There is a rude awakening wherein the African American community had better have a wake-up call; across this nation, we are under siege..

Compare the situation wherein over 100,000 Afghanistans have literally been flown into the United States, being welcomed, and the Haitians at Del Rio have been terrorized by men riding horses, which includes beatings when they have only fled their country because of a corrupt government, and they never see the relief funds to aid them from earthquakes, hurricanes and any other atrocities.  Thank God, Toledo is not like that, however, there are leadership issues that could benefit our community.

We own very little; we have two abandoned malls, Swayne Field and the Warren-Sherman Plaza.

Drive through our neighborhood and see trash, boarded up homes, no recreation for the children; and we are at a loss of what we can do relative to the violence and too many young people dying.  Ask yourself,  have any of those issues improved in a four-year period?

I recall Mayor Wade Kapszukiewicz stating it was his intention to hire 30, 40 and 50 year olds in his administration totally excluding senior citizens or anyone over 50 who just might have the wisdom and knowledge to address the foregoing concerns.

There is no way this past primary election made a thunderous statement; only eight per cent of the electorate voted; also, I personally do not think that Jan Scotland’s voters are expected to support the current mayor.  These voters will have a few weeks to examine or compare the leadership styles, and what it will take to have Toledo’s central city get the same attention that ProMedica gets in upgrading our city.

We need a total overall: Swayne Field could have a bowling alley; Warren Sherman could have a skating rink; there are dozens of vacant land that could be putt putt golf and go karts for our kids.  I personally have to drive my grandchildren a long way to get to the go karts they love.  Why do we not have them in the central city which would not only create employment, it would be a boost for the neighborhood, and something we could teach our young to appreciate.  My endorsement will come later,.

June Boyd