A Letter to the Editor from  Carty Finkbeiner

In the Blade September 9th, it was reported that I had called for the refurbishing of the Wayman Palmer YMCA. In fact, I had called for a new, not refurbished, facility, which was reported in the Blade on September 2nd in a headline that states “Finkbeiner Calls For A New YMCA”.

I called for this change based on the comments I heard at the Inez Nash Park festival, a few days before. If the Mayor and his staff had bothered attending this festival they would have heard the neighbors indicate not only their support for a new YMCA, but the need for significant improvements in the Warren Sherman neighborhood.

I did listen and that’s why I support the effort to build a new YMCA.  I also call for the demolition of the Moody Manor apartments (with relocation of the residents to appropriate public private housing elsewhere) and the creation of a beautiful Greenfield, in this space ,that would complement the new Y, yet offer open space for the neighborhood to enjoy.

I envision that this new park could be rededicated to Ms. Nash and I would then seek private support to improve and maintain the site, including St. Vincent’s Hospital which is an anchor to this area and a great asset to our community.

It is important that improvements to the needs of the entire neighborhood be addressed. I would seek new owners for the shopping center on Bancroft and Franklin, with new businesses that would support the needs of the community.

In closing, I question if the people pictured in the paper today have sought the priorities of the residents in the Warren Sherman neighborhood. I challenge the Mayor and City Council to address all of the needs of this neighborhood, and listen to what the citizens are saying. According to the Warren Sherman Village Council, they have not.

I am, and will continue to do so.


Carty Finkbeiner

419 389 4940

2260 Townley Rd
Toledo Ohio 43614