Start the School Year Strong with the Toledo Library

The school year is officially underway for students across Lucas county. Fortunately, the Toledo Lucas County Public Library can help make this school year great. No matter the scholar’s age, Toledo Library programs assist on the road to excellence.

For lesson help is a fantastic site serving those enrolled in kindergarten through intro-level college studies.

The cornerstone of is instructional help delivered in an online classroom with a tutor best suited for your needs. Lessons cover more than 40 subjects, including math, science, and English. In the calculus field alone, there are tutors with Ph.D.s in mathematics, and others who use math daily in their careers as pilots, engineers, and teachers.

Online writing support takes place through either live sessions or convenient drop-off review via’s website.

For teachers

From Pre-K through twelfth grade, the Toledo Library has an assortment of free resources to complement teachers’ lessons plans. On-demand tutorials and storytime videos, remote class visits, and book kit bundles are among the many offerings available to teachers.

The Library also provides teachers with book ideas by topic and grade level. We can also help teachers sign their students up for a Library card!

For student research

A wealth of expertly curated databases are available to expand students’ understanding of the world. All that is needed to get started is a Library card.

Gale in Context: Middle School offers detailed reference materials in numerous subjects. For high school students, Gale Virtual Reference Library hosts hundreds of books and publications on 21 different topics, such as arts, business, and multicultural studies.

Access World News – Newsbank boasts the most comprehensive collection of full-text newspapers, with coverage from all 50 states and nearly every country. In addition, CultureGrams users can experience reports and unique perspectives on life and culture in other countries.

The Toledo Library has students and teachers covered. Whether it’s an especially stubborn math equation or challenging term paper, help is just around the corner. These resources—and more—are available at