On The Go? You Might Need “On The Go!”

Sojourner’s Truth Staff

Tiffany Alexander, a native Toledoan and a health care professional, just started her non-medical transportation company during the pandemic in order to fill a need.

“It seemed a lot of people needed a pick up,” she noticed. “A lot of people couldn’t go out and a lot of different people wanted to go out, but didn’t have the means.”

So, Alexander decided to do something about that. With her business partner, DeVonne Fagan, she started On The Go and started transporting folks in her up-to-date Town and Country van to the places of their choices.

Having made the decision to start her own business, Alexander wisely decided that she needed some business advice and turned to Assets Toledo and its executive director Olivia Holden.

Tiffany Alexander

“Assets Toledo has been a very informative class for me,” says Alexander, a member of Assets 63rd class. “I’ve learned the business fundamentals, how to stay in business after becoming an entrepreneur, how to network, how to market, Assets Toledo has definitely been a successful course for me because this is my first business and I plan to stay in business.”

Now, Alexander and Fagan are at the disposal of area travelers who need to get somewhere, to get somewhere quickly and in comfort. On The Go is fully licensed, clean and sanitized, and ready to Go!

Call 419-378-8161 for more information.