Councilwoman Tiffany Preston Whitman Files Petitions to Retain Seat

Councilwoman Tiffany Preston Whitman, EdD, who was appointed to Toledo City Council in 2020, filed petitions on Thursday, July 15 at the Lucas County Board of Elections to retain her seat.

As her campaign for election gets underway, the At-Large councilwoman emphasized her concerns for the area’s youth, neighborhoods and businesses.

After an unprecedented series of events last year, Councilwoman Preston Whitman was appointed to City Council.  With her appointment, Toledo City Council for the first time has four Black women as members.  Since being appointed, she has worked to create opportunities for young people and confront the scourge of gun violence in our city.

“I am running to keep my seat on City Council because there’s more work to do,” said Preston Whitman. “Toledo’s youth, families, and business owners deserve opportunities to thrive, and we have an obligation to provide it to them as city leaders.”

Preston Whitman was born and raised in Toledo and comes from a family of public servants in the fields of education and law enforcement. She earned degrees from The Ohio State University and a doctorate of education from Bowling Green State University. She works locally in higher education administration.

Preston Whitman lives in West Toledo with her husband, son, and twin daughters. Her priorities on City Council include young people, working families, and job creation.

“As a working wife and mother, I know first-hand the struggles of Toledo’s working families, especially coming out of the pandemic. My vote will always be a vote for living wage jobs, opportunities for youth, and safe neighborhoods for everyone,” she said.