Destination Picnic – New Company Brings Some Style to the Picnic!

Sojourner’s Truth Staff

If you like a picnic, you are really going to like Destination Picnic! We are not talking about a blanket thrown on the ground and you scrambling through a basket for a bucket of chicken and some bottled water. Destination Picnic offers a bit of luxury in a spectacular outdoor setting – or indoors if you prefer, especially as the weather takes a turn for the colder in a couple months.

Sabriyah Davis, a 2017 graduate of the Toledo School of the Arts, has created a company that offers custom picnic set-ups for parties of two or more.

Davis, and her assistant, Corionn Taylor, opened for business just at the start of the summer and have already held picnics in a variety of Metroparks around the area – Glass City, Wildwood, Toledo Botanical Garden, Oak Openings, Swan Creek, among other sites. They have also made a commitment to utilize the services and products of local companies, such as Avocado & Cheese – owned by Alisa Gafeney.

Comfort and a classy presentation in the great outdoors is the experience awaiting Destination Picnic’s guests.

Davis, a very busy young lady who has started another business named Davis Design & Consulting Group and is a costumer for the Toledo Repertory Company, has dotted her “i’s” and crossed her “t’s” as she has gotten Destination Picnic up and running. Licenses and the appropriate approvals are in place, marketing is happening, family and friends are on board.

To contact Davis or Destination Picnic, go to their website at, find them on Facebook, call 419-452-0572 or email