A Piece of the Healing Puzzle

Fangboner Farm’s Elizabeth Richardson and her daughter Isabella

By Asia Nail
Sojourner’s Truth Reporter

The pandemic presents us with many losses but has also given the working class a hidden gift.


Raise your hand if you’d rather spend time laughing and enjoying a scenic walk with your friends and family, than sweating in a gym or starving yourself in an attempt to live your new healthy lifestyle – rest included.

Yes, my hand went soaring upward, too!

Maybe you usually go to the beach for fun and relaxation, or to a new city for adventure and exploration.

Well I have great news for those Ohioans into ‘Staycation Vibes’. There’s a hidden gem in Holland, Ohio and it’s called Fangboner Farm.

I hear you saying, “What is a Fangboner?” (Giggle)

The story goes like this.  A good ole’ Southern boy named Roland Richardson and his Midwest-made daughter, Elizabeth, started a landscaping venture 10 years ago. During a family moment, Roland’s granddaughter Isabella laughed when hearing the name of a famous Fremont Ohio Road. It’s something about the name ‘Fangboner’ that invokes a child-like giggle from just about everyone.

Coincidentally while doing landscaping work a vision of a farm started brewing in Elizabeth. “The landscaping will help to finance the farm, I said to myself,” she recalls.

Fast forward to today and Fangboner Farm is now at the place where it is almost independently running. A testament to what can happen when a dream is coupled with hard work.

The Fangboner name has a long history in Fremont Ohio. The Infamous Fangboner family was a simple family with a simple business. They sold seeds.

Over the years the community named a famous roadway, Fangboner Rd.  “We got a visit from the last living Fangboner about five years ago. She wanted to make sure we weren’t ‘abusing’ the family name,” shares Roland fondly laughing. “She was very pleased with the Farm and it was our pleasure, too.”

What’s even cooler than a Black father/daughter duo farming team? A three-generation farming legacy of father, daughter and granddaughter.

Isabella has been learning organic farming since the age of 3 with more know how than many pros over 2xs her age.

Back when Roland was studying accounting at Wilburforce University, he found a love for houseplants. That love developed into a green thumb and he eventually said to himself, “Let’s grow stuff we can eat!”

The rest is: “If you ate yesterday, thank a Farmer” history.

Fangboner Farm is the perfect place for anyone in the community to unwind and recharge, too. Even the dog.

You can also reduce your carbon footprint by supporting this black-owned farming business.

The incubation period has been long and the delivery process difficult for us all, but to overcome the slump is a glorious thing. Well Surprise, Surprise! The pandemic has actually resulted in leaving us a gift – of the garden variety in Fangboner Farm.

Just relaxing or starting a new hobby as simple as gardening, self-care or spending quality time in itself can make all the difference in a person’s life. Something as simple as a nature walk on a farm, on a primary level, can be a simple fix to the body (and mind) to get you to that next step of wellness.

If the pandemic taught us anything, many of us can agree that striving more and working harder without rest is a losing battle.

The Richardsons highly suggest we all add herbal teas to our repertoire. “Before we bring our teas to the market, every blend is formulated for taste first, then our Natural Doctor (ND) formulates biologically which minerals best benefit the body,” explains Elizabeth.

Roland’s other daughter (and naturopathic doctor) Kristal helped come up with many of Fangboner Farms’ all-natural tea formulas. Some passionate sippers describe them as “a little cup of self-care.”

Fangboner currently has 13 different flavor herbal blends. Dr. Kristal’s formulas are designed to help with anxiety, stress, digestion or removing free radicals from the body.

After all, many herbs have health benefits when consumed in tea form. “Many are unaware, but often, different herbs can bring you down from an over-caffeinated state and can ease anxiety. A Lot,” shares Richardson.

Are you team iced or hot? If you’re not sure you know where to go on your next stop. Try the tea blends for yourself (both ways) and find out!

Kristal is an amazing natural doctor.  Naturopaths believe a healthy lifestyle leads to a healthy body as a core principle. Fangboner Farms exemplifies this main principle by giving visitors endless options on the proper way to nurture oneself.

Many health-conscious dentists, for instance, are starting to marry their traditional medical practices with holistic guiding principles aiding in sustaining patients’ oral health. Many dentists compliment their patients on the oral benefits of green tea consumption. Regular consumption of natural herbal Green Tea is generally said to benefit the bloodstream, lungs, heart and so much more, resulting in overall oral well-being.

Many holistic doctors also believe dental health is a main link to the few root sources causing our body systems to thrive or deteriorate. In underserved communities, unchecked symptoms can lead to systemic health issues affecting the entire body.

General warning signs that your body may be experiencing a systemic issue may be if you feel as if you have one ailment after the next consistently. At this point it is always advised to seek guidance from a professional medical doctor.

Something that truly sets Fangboner Farm apart from others are their organic farming techniques.

Organic agriculture produces products using methods that preserve the environment while avoiding the most synthetic materials, such as pesticides and antibiotics.

Imagine huge white barrels collecting rainwater to feed the plants and budding green adventures as far as the eyes can see. It’s a really cool reclaimed process going on over there to say the least.

Book a tour and they’ll show you!

2020 Common Complaint:

“I am worrying too much about the future.”

2021 Simple Solution: Take a trip to Fangboner and live in the present for a bit.

2020 Common Complaint:

“I feel trapped within the past years’ chaotic state of affairs.”

2021 Simple Solution: Take a trip to Fangboner and make new intentional memories.

Fangboner Farms is involved with The Toledo Night Market and open to new opportunities within the community as well. Follow their social media for live updates. Oh, expect to see lots of flowers and sunshine…and some rain, too, to make it all grow!

Basically, if you want to maintain health or change your lifestyle now to avoid health challenges later …

Fangboner Farms.

Special moments with your honey? Fangboner Farms.

Need to let the kids burn some energy? Fangboner Farms.

Epic selfies with a dash of picturesque magic?

Yup…Fangboner Farms!

The Richardson’s three generations thank you for buying local, and they welcome customers to feel free to stop by the farm to see what’s new in their gardens and store. Their crew always has something unexpected – and special – in store for you.

You can book a time to visit Fangboner Farm during their business hours by navigating to the link on their website entitled “book a visit”.

Delivery, shipping, and curbside pickup is available. You may also host an event, workshop, tea party or rent the Fangboner Farm’s Cottage Home style Inn Airbnb 24/7 online.

Come out to explore the wonders of this family-owned herb and perennial farm.

The Farm’s onsite general store is a treasure trove filled with goodies. All branded Fangboner Farm products are made from farm raised organic garden herbs. Shop their organic by nature products including natural fresh herbs, dried spices, one-of-a-kind gift baskets, smudge sticks, perennials, 100 percent soy wax candles.

A/k/a, a whole lot of fun at the price range of something-for-everyone.

This information is not intended as a substitute for the advice provided by your physician or other healthcare professional or any information contained on or in any product. Do not use this information for diagnosing or treating a health problem or disease, or prescribing medication or other treatment.