LMH Awards Additional Tenant-Based Housing Choice Vouchers to Successful Program Partners

Lucas Metropolitan Housing (LMH) has awarded additional tenant-based housing choice vouchers to two program partners who have continued to maximize their program utilization above the LMH-required standard of 95 percent.

LMH designed, developed, and implemented a 90-Day Partner Performance Plan in mid-2020 to refresh relationships with the current Housing Choice Voucher Program partners. As part of this plan, LMH reengaged in strategic conversations with all 12 permanent supportive housing partners and implemented a collaborative approach to provide them further assistance in identifying and removing barriers to performance and progress.

“We know that, when taking steps to ensure that our partners are successful, LMH also becomes successful by reporting to the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) the expected voucher utilization levels across the Agency’s Housing Choice Voucher portfolio.  More importantly, LMH continues to build strong and expansive partnerships to supplement the housing solutions we provide with the supportive services that our clients needs,” said LMH President and Chief Executive Officer, Joaquin Cintron Vega.

Partners who utilized all or some of their assigned vouchers at or above 95 percent can request additional vouchers. Once LMH determines that the partner qualifies for additional vouchers, the vouchers may be awarded. This has recently been the case for the Toledo Lucas County Homelessness Board’s (TLCHB) Housing First program, which was awarded an additional 30 vouchers, and for the Hospital Council of Northwest Ohio (HCNO) Infant Mortality program, which was awarded an additional 40 vouchers.

“Both programs have made tremendous upward strides in utilization this last year, so we sort of look at this as a way of saying thank you for the great job they’re doing serving our families,” said Shanetta Moye, Vice President of the Housing Choice Voucher Program. “We want all of our partners to know that we are 100 percent invested in ensuring their programs’ success.”

“We’re grateful to LMH for awarding these vouchers, which have become a key tool in our community’s efforts to ensure African American and other families have healthy infants who reach their first of many birthdays,” said Jan Ruma, vice president of Hospital Council of Northwest Ohio (HCNO), which operates the Northwest Ohio Pathways HUB care coordination system. “Safe and affordable housing is critical to both a healthy pregnancy and a thriving family.”

“The Toledo Lucas County Homelessness Board is grateful for LMH’s continued support of our No Barriers Housing initiative and proud to partner alongside them in our efforts,” said Rachel Gagnon, executive director of the Toledo Lucas County Homeless Board. “By committing more resources to this important program, we are able to offer more individuals the foundation necessary for life improvement, thereby creating a more stable community.”