Celebrating Easter As We Have Down Through the Years

By Mary Louise

It’s that special time of the year – “hippity, hippity, hop.” Time for the Easter bunny …

As a child I remember my Grandma (Tudda) would fix me whatever I wanted for the Easter holiday treat. I would always choose a big chocolate cake … yummy, yummy, yummy. And Grandma enjoyed baking cakes, cookies … you name it.

Today I bake for my grandkids, Trey and Kendall.

I decorate my home and bake just like my grandma did for me. I do the exact same thing for my grandbabies as my Tudda did for me. I set the table for Easter and the family enjoys all the wonderful Easter treats.

My baby Kendall loves to eat her grandma May May’s treats; Trey enjoys watching me decorate … Remember this Easter holiday to make your family a part of all your bunny memories.

Cooking, singing, tasting the different treats, enjoying family time — all of that is important during a holiday especially. And that’s what my grandma Tudda instilled in us with memories that last through the years.