Water Equity Toledo Applauds City of Toledo for Continuing Moratorium on Residential Water Shutoffs

Last week, the Ohio EPA’s March 31 order prohibiting public water utilities from shutting off and restoring water service to homes due to inability to pay will end. Water Equity Toledo applauds the City of Toledo and the Department of Public Utilities for their statement ensuring that the moratorium of water service terminations and restoration of services will remain in place, amid growing concerns around the continued rise of COVID-19 in Ohio.

The following statement can be attributed, in whole or in part, to Pastor Randall Carter, spokesperson for Water Equity Toledo:

“Today, the Ohio EPA lifted their March 31 order which placed a statewide moratorium on water shutoffs in response to the COVID19 pandemic. Water Equity Toledo wants to thank the City of Toledo for ensuring that Toledoans will not go without access to clean water during this critical time. Water Equity Toledo is committed to working with the Department of Public Utilities as they take on efforts to address water access and affordability within the City of Toledo.

“Access to clean, safe, and affordable water is a fundamental foundation for public health and safety. Toledo’s moratorium on water shutoffs underscores the principle that water is a basic need and essential to life, health, and human dignity. Water Equity Toledo looks forward to continuing to work with leadership to develop an equitable system of water distribution where all people will be provided access to clean, safe water at a price they can afford.”

The following statement can be attributed to Oscar Hill, City of Toledo resident and water customer:

“As a 50 year resident and water customer we are still under the COVID-19 pandemic and it would be a very bad idea to start implementing water shut offs again so soon. It’s important to make every effort to keep families safe in their homes and be good stewards of their welfare. I want to personally say thank you to the Department of Public Utilities for your decision to keep Toledo water turned on.”