Upside Down Flags and Other Stupid Stuff

Lafe Tolliver

By Lafe Tolliver, Esq
Guest Column

Well, if you did not know it by now, it is official. Supreme Court Justice Sam Alito wears petticoats in his house. We do not know the color yet, but my inside sources indicates that they are a blush pink with lacey edges.

As you know, the right-wing judge was found to have flown an upside-down American flag at his personal home and, which flag, when flown in such a position, indicates acute alarm and distress of the first degree.

The alarm? It is a Supreme Court Justice visibly and blatantly taking sides with the MAGA movement regarding Dear Leader, Donald Trump.

The justice was clearly expressing his zeal and allegiance to all things MAGA with such a flag display and, if that was not enough effrontery, the justice went on to state to the public that it was his overbearing wife that ran the flag up the pole to punish some neighbor(s) who had placed offensive yard signs in her neighborhood.

The cowardly justice decided to “man it out” and stated that it was his wife who did it and his protestations to the contrary fell on deaf ears.

Now imagine being in that Alito household when you come home from work and find that your wife is openly plotting rebellion against the US government by displaying such a flag that is now identified with the MAGA movement and those who ransacked the Capitol Building on January 6th.

According to my trusted sources, this was the transcript of him entering his home on that day:

Alito: “Honey, I’m home!”

Wife: “And?”

Alito: “Hey, I saw the flag upside down in our yard, what’s going on?”

Wife: “And?”

Alito: (starting to profusely sweat at the temples), “Well, I just thought that we should have talked about this before you did it.”

Wife: “And?”

Alito: “Hey, I am a Supreme Court Justice! What about the bad PR we will get from this flag scandal?”

Wife: “And?”

Alito: “Did you and Ginni Thomas (Clarence Thomas’s wife) talk about this without telling me?”

Wife: “And?”

Alito: (seeing that this is going nowhere), “Well, I am going to bed!”

Wife: “And?”

Note: Another flag identified with the MAGA movement, called: An Appeal To Heaven, appeared on a flagpole at their summer beach home in New Jersey.

Go figure! Any idea where the political sympathies of the Alito’s are with?

In another newsflash from the master of media manipulation; and elevating the art of the grift to a whole new level, Donald Trump is sending out fund raising emails to his MAGA base indicating that President Biden or the DOJ or the FBI, were in a conspiracy to assassinate him when they searched Mar-A-Lago.

Based upon boiler plate language that is in all FBI search warrants, that language indicates that the searching agents may, if deemed needful and necessary, use deadly force against deadly force.

Of course, Donald Trump knew this but, hey, why spoil a perfectly good fund raising email to your base that is fast and loose with the facts and when FOX NEWS has certain anchors fake shock and awe about him being a target of an assassination attempt. Oh, by the way, Trump was a thousand miles away in NY at the time of the search!

It is too easy to say shame on those commentators for their planned faux reactions but it is part and parcel for the course for FOX NEWS to gin up their gullible base with pure gibberish.

For the reactionaries like Congressman Marjorie Taylor Greene (“bleach blonde, bad-built, butch body”) and her associated minions who traffic in duplicity, such a conspiracy was too hard to resist to not send out dire and catastrophic e mails to raise some bucks.

Then, we have the spineless Nikki Haley who finally capitulates to Donald Trump and is kissing his ring finger even though there are voluminous tapes showing that she would never do such a belittling act of self-deprecation.

For Haley, such an embarrassment only cements the image that certain politicos are full of hot air and are not to be believed even when Haley says Trump is unhinged and is not qualified to be president. Go figure!

This is the person she would vote for despite his friendship with America’s enemies and his refusal to support Ukraine in their struggle for freedom against Russia and his demeaning her military husband who was away on duty.

And, finally, we have the confounding polls that seemingly indicate that a small sliver of Black Americans, males in particular, would vote for Trump  even though he has ably and amply demonstrated in word and deed his venial disregard for Black America.

One of the best examples of self-hatred is when the oppressed knowingly votes for the oppressor, thinking that they can incur favor with their them.

Go figure!


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