Empowering Women in Real Estate: Insights from the Greater Toledo Realtist Association (GTRA) Luncheon

Maya Rucker, Shalonda Thurmond, De’Lisa Moore, Loreen Banks, Julia Lee

By De’Lisa Moore
Special to The Truth

On Friday, April 12, 2024, the Greater Toledo Realtist Association (GTRA) hosted an empowering luncheon at the Glass City Enrichment Center, dedicated to celebrating and supporting women in real estate. The event featured a dynamic panel discussion centered around themes of overcoming obstacles, asserting oneself in male-dominated spaces, and recognizing the value women bring to the industry.


The esteemed panel comprised influential women leaders in the real estate community, including:

De’Lisa Moore, president-elect of GTRA (Danberry Realtors): With extensive entrepreneurial experience under her belt, Moore is passionate about empowering women and advocating for diversity and inclusion in real estate.

Shalonda Thurmond, associate broker at Keller Williams Citywide: Thurmond is known for her expertise in real estate and her commitment to mentorship and professional development.

Loreen Banks, broker/owner of Jewel Realty: As a successful entrepreneur and leader, Banks is dedicated to promoting equity and excellence in real estate.

Maya Rucker, mortgage broker at Equity Capital: Rucker brings extensive knowledge of mortgage lending and a passion for helping clients achieve their homeownership and investment dreams.

Julia Lee, mortgage officer at Huntington Bank: With a focus on providing financial solutions and guidance, Lee is committed to empowering individuals and families through homeownership.

Throughout the discussion, panelists shared personal anecdotes, insights, and practical advice on navigating challenges and seizing opportunities in the real estate industry. Key themes included:

– Overcoming Obstacles: Panelists discussed the various challenges they have encountered in their careers and shared strategies for resilience and perseverance in the face of adversity.

– Defending Your Seat at the Table: Addressing the importance of assertiveness and self-advocacy, panelists emphasized the need for women to assert themselves and assert their value in professional settings.

– Knowing the Value You Bring: Recognizing the unique perspective and skills that women bring to the table, panelists encouraged attendees to embrace their strengths and leverage them to achieve success in their careers.

– Leading from the Front: Panelists emphasized the importance of leadership and mentorship in empowering future generations of women in real estate. They shared their experiences as leaders and highlighted the importance of supporting and uplifting other women in the industry.

The luncheon provided a valuable opportunity for attendees to connect with industry leaders, gain insights into navigating the challenges of the real estate profession, and be inspired by the success stories of women trailblazers in the field.

As the event concluded, attendees left feeling empowered and motivated to overcome obstacles, assert themselves in their careers, and continue making strides towards gender equality and diversity in the real estate industry. The GTRA Women in Real Estate Luncheon served as a powerful reminder of the invaluable contributions of women to the field of real estate and the importance of creating a supportive and inclusive environment for all professionals.