Ohio Young Democrats Elect New President

Kimberly Agyekum

Special to The Truth

The Ohio Young Democrats announce the unanimous election of Kimberly Agyekum as the new President. The election happened at a gathering of over 135 Young Democrats at the OYD annual convention, held this year in

In her new capacity, Kim Agyekum becomes the first black woman to lead the Ohio Young Democrats. Agyekum, a Franklin County native, brings experience and dedication to her role, having served in Young Democratic leadership for the past five years.

“Young Democrats in this state are a force to be reckoned with. Let me be extremely clear; Ohio is not a lost cause,” President Agyekum said. “It is one that has been rigged by dark money, gerrymandering, and straight up corruption. If young people want to have a future in our home state, we will have to take it back.”

The Ohio Young Democrats will continue programming in key areas of the state, investing in young candidates, organizing new chapters in rural areas, supporting the re-election campaign of both Senator Sherrod Brown, and fostering Democratic ideals with their peers.