Congresswoman Kaptur Reaffirms Support For Two-State Solution

Last week, Congresswoman Marcy Kaptur (OH-09) released the following statement reaffirming her support for a Two-State Solution for the Israeli and Palestinian people: 

“Earlier this year, United Nations Secretary-General António Guterres called upon the UN Security Council to recognize the importance of a two-state solution to achieve peace between Israel and Palestine. Furthermore, he emphatically stated that ‘any refusal to accept the two-State solution by any party must be firmly rejected.’

“I resolutely affirm the Secretary-General’s view and continue to champion America’s decades long policy supporting the establishment of an independent and free Palestinian state. In January, I authored an opinion article describing the importance of the United Nation’s role in establishing a lasting and permanent peace in this terrible conflict that has raged for generations. On March 14th, I joined to introduce a resolution reaffirming the House’s support for a two-state solution.

“The United Nation’s actions after World War II founded the state of Israel, and the United States was the first nation to recognize its independence. The United Nations and United States can take similar action now to formalize a sovereign Palestinian state and recognize its independence.

“On March 25th, the United Nations Security Council agreed to, and passed a resolution calling for the immediate release of the remaining Israeli hostages and the cessation of fighting in Gaza. Such an action would allow for humanitarian relief to reach the starving masses sheltering throughout Gaza and in the southern city of Rafah.

“In response to the UN Security Council action, Israeli President Netanyahu has canceled his planned trip to Washington, DC. Netanyahu’s decision comes as he continues to block progress toward establishing an immediate truce and as he has renounced the possibility of a two-state solution. Cooler heads intent on finding an immediate and lasting peace must prevail.

“That is why I continue to engage in diplomatic dialogues with our partners in the Middle East and within the United Nations to chart the path toward a just peace. I encourage my colleagues in Congress to do the same.

“The United Nations must strive for a brokered peace treaty and truce across a region that has been harmed repeatedly by conflict. Over the past 40 years, other peace agreements between former adversaries across the Middle East have achieved some human progress. So must this situation. This latest costly war between Hamas and Israel must be ended.”

Since the start of the conflict in Gaza, Congresswoman Kaptur has remained actively engaged in urging an aggressive diplomatic path forward to address the ongoing conflict and work toward a negotiated two-state solution.

On October 8, Congresswoman Kaptur released a statement condemning the Hamas terror attacks. On November 3, Congresswoman Kaptur released a statement following a meeting with Egyptian Ambassador Zahran calling for a humanitarian pause so aid could be delivered and those seeking safety could reach it. On November 16, Congresswoman Kaptur released a statement following a dialogue with Jordanian Ambassador Kawar in diplomatic efforts to secure a durable peace. On December 13, Congresswoman Kaptur released a statement following a meeting with Lebanese Charge D’Affaires Hachem.

On December 15, Congresswoman Kaptur released a statement following a meeting with Apostolic Nuncio, Cardinal Pierre. On January 19, Congresswoman Kaptur urged the State Department to affirm US opposition to forced displacement of Palestinians from Gaza.