Toledo Urban FCU’s Angela Cattladge Is Here to Serve the Community

Angela Cattladge

By Dawn Scotland
The Truth Reporter

Angela Cattladge is the current Electronic Service Manager at Toledo Urban Federal Credit Union but she started as a teller – right out of high school. Now with over 24 years of experience she is knowledgeable about all aspects of the credit union industry.

Originally from Toledo, she graduated from Waite High School, and started working at TUFCU in 2000.

“Throughout junior high and high school I used to go with my aunt to take your daughter to work day and she worked at Fifth Third. I took accounting in high school and knew it was something I wanted to do. Right after high school I started here. Being from the eastside I had never heard of Toledo Urban, a Black owned and operated credit union. I didn’t have to go to Fifth Third– I could work for us.”

Angela was there for the original groundbreaking of the first location on Dorr St. During her time at TUFCU she’s served as a teller, account manager and now electronic service manager.

She moved to Columbus for six years where she worked in a mainstream credit union and brought that wealth of experience back to Toledo. “We did a lot for our community – but the community that we served wasn’t the community we served here…. I missed helping us.”

She also came back for family “I found out I was about to become a grandmother, so I came back in 2021.”

Tragically, Cattladge’s granddaughter Desire Hughes was murdered in a road rage shooting in 2022 at 7 months old while riding with her father in the passenger seat.

“I was able to celebrate her for 7 months…she was murdered on April 27, 2022. Her murderer was sentenced on the anniversary of her death April 27, 2023.”

“Justice was served… and now I can start the healing process with my daughter.” The loss has been grave for the family. Desire was her first granddaughter and her daughters’ first child. “We miss her… I’m just glad the trial is over….that was hard.” The perpetrator is now serving life in prison. While dealing with extreme loss Angela is still able to serve and continues to help the community.

Cattladge works back and forth between the two locations with the new expansion of the second branch on Monroe St.

Angela Cattladge and Suzette Cowell of Toledo Urban FCU

“I handle a lot of the debits and credits coming in electronically. So, anything that posts to a members account via ACH or debit card or if they write a check – I make sure it hits their account correctly. I make sure it hits the right member’s account. Things under that umbrella.” She is also a notary public.

Her favorite part about working at the credit union is the annual African American Festival the TUFCU hosts.  “I love working on the festival. I think that’s a big plus for the community. Just to see everybody come together.”

Cattladge and TUFCU are here to serve you and the community with your financial needs. “I enjoy what we do and how we try to help the community and keep the community from predatory lending… and that we are here for the community.  That’s what has kept me with the credit union so long. We bring awareness… they’re not going to get what we offer anywhere else. “

“We are here for them we don’t turn just turn people away we try our best to help them.”

Come see Angela Cattladge at the TUFCU’s new Monroe Location (former Fifth/Third at Swayne Field).

TUFCU offers checking, savings, mortgages, credit cards and loans, among other services, as well as a new down payment assistance program for first time home buyers and a low interest loan for home repair contractors.

Visit or call 419-255-8876 for more information.