Mum’s the Word … for Now

Lafe Tolliver

By Lafe Tolliver, Esq
Guest Column

As some of you may know, over the years, I have had various contacts with certain personalities that, to some, might seem somewhat unsavory as to their quirky character and dubious methods.

However, I have been able to still utilize those “sources” to my advantage since we have a “quid pro quo” sharing arrangement about information that may come my way, and what information may come their way.

I am not one to be unduly shaken by listening at the keyhole to certain personalities who, if they were exposed to the sunlight of truth, would sound both outlandish and beyond the pale of common sense.

In a moment of confession, I was at a certain marketplace and an individual

whom I have known for decades contacted me to meet him there for a “exchange” of data for my perusal and comment.

I arrived at the market ahead of time and causally camped out near the frozen foods section (pizzas, to be exact) and waited for my contact, who, for purposes of security, will be called, Rufus.

When Rufus arrives on the scene, he is always dressed in military camos and he fakes a left leg limp. When I made eye contact with Rufus, he walked past me as if he never noticed me, circled around and came back the other way and stood about three feet from me, now carrying a box of shredded wheat and a tube

of garlic infused bologna.

He smiled and nodded to me and placed in the frozen food section a small

brown envelope, wished me a good day and he was gone.

I casually retrieved the envelope, placed it in my shirt pocket and left the store along with a purchase of canned tuna fish and a loaf of whole grain bread.

When I left the store, I scanned the parking lot for any “lingering” individuals or unusual car traffic before I entered my car and drove to the nearby Swan Creek Park.

Rufus was there parked in a retro Jeep and we both casually walked to a nearby bench. Rufus took out a large folding knife and cut hunks of the bologna and ate them, all the while I was waiting for him to speak.

Finally, Rufus cleared his throat and stated that the envelope was the latest

conspiracy theories that were about to be dumped on the unsuspecting American public by a Dark Web far right-wing operator known as PP33.

PP33 is one of the most widely listened to podcasters in America. His audience is nigh over eight million listeners and counting.

When Rufus handed the following list of new “information” that PP33 was

ready to disburse to his intellectually challenged listeners, I knew that the

upcoming general elections would be free for all with animus on both sides of the aisle.

As you can ascertain from the concocted gibberish, these deranged talking points were cobbled together to advance the agenda of a nigh defunct GOP that has totally capitulated to the wiles and whims of its new Dear Leader, Donald Trump.

For the life of me, I do not see how anyone with two working brain cells and

any access to Google or a library could not discover that these swamp gas dreams are of no value but only inserted into the heated political race for the singular purpose of dis-information and confusion of the voting populace.

Here they are in no particular order:

(1) Currently making the rounds: Taylor Swift is an agent of a clandestine PsyOp plot to have her immense following vote Democratic. The GOP is terrified of such

a popular personality being able to persuade key young voters in Georgia, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin and Nevada.

(2) The discovery of secret medical records that indicate that Joe Biden is bi-polar and is taking heavy medications for advanced memory loss.

(3) Joe Biden is going to release billions of barrels of oil in September so as to lower gas prices to that of $2.50 to $2.75 per gallon and to do so without congressional approval.

(4) The Biden administration is in secret talks with Mexico to have their government take in almost 600,000 migrants during the months

of July and August and Biden will pay Mexico over $10 billion for such

“housing” of the migrants. This will show that his administration is tough on the border crossings.

(5) Kamala Harris and Joe Biden have agreed that if Biden wins, he will spend only two years of his term and then resign, and Kamala Harris will have the remaining two years to run the country; and for the people to get used to a Black woman being president of the US of A.

(6) The Biden administration, if they win another term; and also win the House and Senate, will “pack the court” with four moderate to liberal justices to offset

the current conservative court.

(7) The Biden administration, if they win another term, will outlaw AR-15’s and

other similar assault rifles and place a “use” tax on all gun manufacturers of

$200 per rifle and $300 per handgun.

PP33 believes that these conspiracy theories, when properly placed in certain

media markets, will cause a hue and a cry that will be virtually impossible for the Democrats to effectively counter before Election Day.

After downing another huge chunk of smelly garlic bologna, Rufus smiled, got up and limped away.


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