Bishop Pat McKinstry: A Passionate Dedication to Faith and Service

Bishop Pat McKinstry

By Asia Nail
The Truth Reporter

The YWCA Milestones Awards Event has been an emblem of recognition for women of northwest Ohio who embody outstanding leadership qualities.

As we prepare to celebrate Women’s History Month, it is with great honor that we shine a spotlight on Bishop Pat McKinstry, an embodiment of service, recognized with the prestigious Milestones Volunteerism honor.

Bishop McKinstry’s story unfolds beautifully, spanning over five decades of preaching the Gospel. Her sermons, recognized among the nation’s most dynamic, such as in Gospel Today Magazine, compose a symphony of worldwide spiritual resonance. From her humble beginnings as an evangelist at the tender age of 11 within the Church of God in Christ, McKinstry’s journey has been marked by a passionate dedication to faith and service.

For over half a century, the resounding voice of Bishop Pat McKinstry has echoed the Gospel’s timeless truth. A captivating orator, she assumed the mantle of pastor in the United Methodist Church in the late ’80s.

Her narrative took a pivotal turn in 2008 when, fueled by a divine calling, she inaugurated her own sanctuary —Worship Center of Toledo— nestled on 2210 Collingwood Boulevard. From this sacred pulpit, Bishop Pat McKinstry weaves together the threads of family, education, and a Bible-based message that resonates in the heart of God’s children.

Born into a family deeply rooted in faith, Bishop McKinstry’s early introduction to the Gospel set the stage for a lifetime of service. “I am grateful to God that He chose me to live a life of service,” she shares, a sentiment that echoes through her decades-long journey in ministry.

Spiritual Shepherd and Family Matriarch

As the esteemed pastor of Worship Center Church, Bishop McKinstry not only leads her congregation with unwavering devotion but also exemplifies the essence of familial bonds. Married for over 50 years to Luther McKinstry Jr., she is not only a spiritual shepherd but also the nurturing heart of her family. Her son, Luther McKinstry III, follows in her footsteps, pastoring the Worship Center of Atlanta, continuing the legacy of faith across generations.

In 2015, the composition of McKinstry’s ministerial opus reached a significant crescendo as she assumed the official title of Bishop, a title that echoes not only her personal growth but also represents a triumph over historical constraints. McKinstry reflects on her journey, highlighting the era when the notion of a woman in the pulpit faced resistance, contrasting it with the present, saying “A wonderful shift has occurred. It’s a blessing that women are now graciously embraced in ministry.”

Empowering Minds, Transforming Futures

Bishop Pat McKinstry’s commitment to education is not just a facet of her life; it is a profound testament to her intellectual pursuits. Armed with a Bachelor of Education in Administration, a Master of Psychology, and Doctorate degrees in both Theology and Divinity, she stands as a scholarly beacon within our community. Her dedication extends beyond her personal accomplishments serving as the founder and CEO of Rise and Shine Academy, and the CEO of McKinstry Midwest College of Theology, underscoring her commitment to nurturing minds and empowering futures.

The McKinstry legacy also embraces this profound commitment to community upliftment. In a beautifully orchestrated symphony of benevolence, today Bishop McKinstry’s grandchildren, Tashlai McKinstry Burney, EdD, and her husband Calvin Burney Jr., EdD, stand at the helm of Rise and Shine Academy, as principal and superintendent, nurturing their strong family legacy of education.

Bishop McKinstry’s influence extends beyond the pulpit. Through numerous audio selections, including “In the Prayer Garden with Dr. Pat,” “War Dance-Undignified Praise,” and “It’s a New Dew,” she imparts the essence of The Protocol of Prayer, Praise, and Worship. Additionally, she penned her wisdom in the literary realm with her works “Praise Break” and “Pastors: We Still Need Them,” a testament to her ability to convey profound spiritual insights through the written word.

“It was an honor and surprise to be recently elected President of the Toledo Urban Federal Credit Union Board of Directors,” shares McKinstry, who also serves as a member of the Board of Trustees at TARTA.

Bishop McKinstry’s leadership on the credit union board ensures a focus on financial education and inclusion, aligning with the YWCA’s mission to eliminate racial and economic disparities. By actively participating in the governance of these vital institutions, she contributes to the creation of equitable opportunities, amplifying the voices of the underserved.

Doing Good is Always in Style

Impeccable in both substance and style, Bishop Pat McKinstry radiates a distinctive elegance that extends far beyond her spiritual leadership. It speaks to a holistic approach to leadership— one where substance and style coalesce, creating a presence that captivates both hearts and minds.

“Dress well, feel good. It’s the first step in facing life’s occasions with confidence and a positive spirit,” shares Bishop McKinstry.

Whether she’s engaging in deep conversation, delivering a sermon, or leading a community initiative, her glasses are a symbol of both clarity of vision and a fashionable flair that is uniquely hers.

“It’s so important to focus on the good. Looking good, feeling good, being good,” she explains. “Last year our church took that concept and adopted a school to make a difference in the lives of students doing good things.”

In 2023 the Worship Center decided to adopt neighboring Scott High School. “We began with our church providing uniforms for the Scott Highschool cheerleaders as an incentive for perfect attendance,” explains Bishop McKinstry.

The initiative grew to encompass the entire class with the best attendance.”

This heartwarming initiative treated the winning students to a lavish full course Thanksgiving Dinner at the Toledo Country Club, a gesture of appreciation for their flawless attendance during the first quarter of the school year. As students entered the country club, they were greeted with roses, a tangible expression of the community’s acknowledgment of their dedication.

If leaders do something similar in every community, we will stop trouble and reward goodness,” McKinstry adds.

Rewarding good behavior stands as a testament to a visionary approach in nurturing not only success but also instilling lifelong values. In a society often focused on reprimanding shortcomings, constructive initiatives are a breath of fresh air—an acknowledgment that positive reinforcement can be a powerful catalyst for environments conducive to learning and personal growth.

By adopting a strategy that rewards good attendance, Bishop McKinstry plants the seeds for responsible adulthood. Her approach is a practical application of life lessons, teaching that dedication and consistency yield positive outcomes. It’s an investment in the students’ understanding that their actions today lay the foundation for their success tomorrow.

Fostering a Culture of Positivity & Praise

The narrative of giving back, recognizing excellence, and fostering goodness is not merely a tradition; it proves the power of service and the profound impact that can be achieved when community leaders dedicate themselves to making a positive difference in the lives of others.

It’s a strategy that not only shapes responsible adults but also lays the foundation for a community that thrives on encouragement, empathy, and the belief that every positive action contributes to the collective well-being.

The YWCA’s Milestones Volunteerism honor for Bishop Pat McKinstry elevates her individual story to a collective anthem of empowerment. It’s a testament to a life well-lived, inspiring women to tread boldly, break barriers, and leave an indelible mark on the canvas of their chosen paths.

On behalf of our community and all those whose lives you’ve touched, we extend heartfelt gratitude for your unwavering dedication, visionary leadership, and compassionate faith-driven service. Your commitment to uplifting others is a beacon of inspiration, aligning seamlessly with the mission of the YWCA to create a world where everyone can flourish.

The YWCA 29th Annual Milestones: A Tribute to Women Awards will be held at the Glass City Center on Tuesday, March 19, 2024