Mayor and Police Chief Release End-of-Year Crime States

Mayor Wade Kapszukiewicz and Chief Troendle

Special To The Truth

Last week, Mayor Wade Kapszukiewicz and Police Chief Michael Troendle discussed the 2023 fourth-quarter and year-end crime statistics, highlighting a notable decrease in crime rates across multiple categories compared to the same periods last year during a press conference at One Government Center.

The fourth-quarter results of 2023 illustrate a significant number of changes when compared to the fourth-quarter in 2022.

The biggest news is in the area of homicide. The number of reported cases decreased significantly by 31.6 percent, with 13 cases in the fourth quarter of 2023 compared to 19 cases in the corresponding period of 2022.

“While we are thrilled with the progress made both in the fourth quarter and year over year, we are not satisfied with where we are, and we won’t be satisfied until these numbers continue to go down. But this is a story of progress and it’s a good and encouraging story,” Mayor Kapszukiewicz said.

Robbery also experienced a downturn, with 96 reported cases, reflecting a notable decrease of 22.0 percent from the fourth quarter of 2022. Moreover, shooting incidents resulted in a substantial reduction of 23.8 percent, with 506 incidents reported in the fourth quarter of 2023 compared to 664 incidents in the same period in 2022.

Theft from motor vehicles (TFMV) followed suit, with a decrease of 25.3 percent, totaling 299 reported cases. However, auto theft witnessed a significant upswing, with 474 reported cases, marking a substantial 37.0 percent increase compared to the same period in 2022.

On the other hand, burglary showed a marginal uptick of 1.1 percent, totaling 381 reported cases. When considering the grand total of all tracked crimes, the fourth quarter of 2023 saw 1,769 reported cases, indicating an overall decrease of 8.3 percent from the 1,929 cases reported in the fourth quarter of 2022.

The year-end comparison between 2022 and 2023 reveals significant shifts in various crime categories. Homicide cases experienced a notable 30.8 percent decrease, dropping to 45 cases in 2023 compared to 65 cases in 2022.

Similarly, robbery cases decreased by 21.5 percent, totaling 402 cases in 2023. Theft from motor vehicle (TFMV) cases notably decreased by 26.4 percent, with 1,458 cases in 2023. Burglary cases showed an 11.5 percent decrease, with 1,403 cases in the same period. Auto theft witnessed an 18.4 percent increase, totaling 1,498 cases in 2023.

The overall grand total of all tracked crimes decreased by 8.8 percent, with 7,075 cases in 2023 compared to 7,758 cases in 2022.

These positive developments in crime trends, reflects the effectiveness of increased safety measures and crime prevention efforts in the region. The notable declines in homicide, robbery, and theft from motor vehicle contribute to an overall improvement in public safety.

Mayor Kapszukiewicz emphasized the commitment to the well-being of all Toledo residents, focusing on health, economic stability, and overall quality of life. This ongoing effort is aimed at creating a safe and prosperous environment for everyone.

While acknowledging that there’s still work to be done, the positive trends provide hope that the City is making strides against crime and creating a thriving and secure environment. Mayor Kapszukiewicz also highlighted the importance of collective strength and commitment from every Toledo resident and encouraged collaboration with law enforcement to ensure the City’s safety.

In addition, Mayor Kapszukiewicz recognized Chief Mike Troendle’s leadership. Chief Troendle has continued to implement data-driven, tactical approaches within the Toledo Police Department. This includes increased foot patrols, strategic use of technology, and targeted operations through the Toledo Enhancement Area Method (TEAM). These efforts demonstrate the police department’s dedication to preventing and deterring crime in the community.