The Twilight of American Democracy

Lafe Tolliver

By Lafe Tolliver, Esq
Guest Column

“Due to the sensitive nature of this report, Lafe Tolliver is reporting, for safety reasons, from an undisclosed location in Toronto, Canada. Due to security concerns, his location will be changed every two weeks.”

Dateline: January 25, 2025. The highly contested presidential election is over, and Donald Trump assumed the title of President in a swearing in ceremony at Mar-A-Lago presided over by a smiling Justice Clarence Thomas, with the Bible held by his wife, Ginni Thomas.

Only Fox News, Newsmax and OAN reporters were allowed into the brief ceremony. Jim Jordan, his surprise V.P. pick, read off the list of well-wishers which included telegrams from Kim Jung-un, Vladimir Putin and Xi Jinping, all expressing their hopes for a successful four-year term.

After a congratulatory meal of McDonald’s Big Macs, fries and shakes, President Trump and his chosen chief of staff, Stephen Miller, and his Secretary of Homeland Security, Steven Bannon, got down to business.


(1) An executive order terminating all entries into the US from the southern border until further notice.

(2) A repeal of Obamacare with a plan yet to be determined.

(3) An order to the Justice Department, now headed by Mark Meadows, to bring criminal charges against Joe Biden and his son, Hunter Biden, for “conduct unbecoming US citizens which can be deemed detrimental to the US government.”

(4) A four-year extension of the Tax Relief Act which will provide billions of tax credits for the nation’s richest one percenters.

(5) A “self-executing” presidential pardon for all the J6 “hostages”.

(6) An indefinite hold on all current legal matters involving Donald Trump and the Justice Department and the firing of prosecutor Jack Smith.

(7) A cessation of military aide to Ukraine.

(8) A 25 percent reduction in social security benefits and Medicaid benefits, effective in 30 days.

(9) The US to reduce its payments to NATO by 70 percent, effective in 60 days.

There were more “executive” orders issued on that fateful date, but my inside source was unable to stay in the same room as those decisions were being made due to her transmitter being blocked by unknown radio frequencies and, so as not to blow her cover, she quietly left the White House before risking being accosted by Trump’s new personal security corps.

In cities across America, millions of Americans were in the streets protesting these outrageous measures, but they were held in check by the federalized national guard and all cell phone towers were blocked under the guise of being part of a national conspiracy to overthrow the government.

In both the House of Representatives and the US Senate, both chambers were deadlocked due to neither party having a majority by which the Democrats could pass legislation protesting these draconian measures.

In the dead of the night of January 24, 2025, Chuck Shumer, Jamie Raskin, Governor Galvin Newsom, Kamala Harris and The Morning Joe host and his wife were ostensibly kidnapped by members of the Oath Keepers but whose whereabouts are still unknown.

The new head of the FCC, Marjorie Taylor Greene, issued guidelines stating that ABC, NBC, CBS and CNN were to re-evaluate their “biased” news coverage and allow for more diverse views of news reporting.

In order to continue to receive federal funding for education purposes, each state must submit to the Department of Education, as headed by Rudy Giuliani, detailed reports regarding the elimination of references to CRT, DEI, and “wokeness”, the failure of which would result in the elimination of federal funds to their state coffers.

As I report these alarming developments, I can only think of the polling that showed that young people and some minorities, for reasons unknown to the pollsters, were considering voting for Trump despite his known dangers and unstable mental condition.

But seemingly to no avail, enough voters believed that Biden’s age was a factor against him, and that Trump was good for the economy.

When quizzed about the ninety-one felony charges against him and his known records for being a pathological liar and proven con, those voters shrugged it off as just, “being politics.”


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