Veto of Anti-Trans Bill Supports Children, Families

State Rep. Michele Grim

State Rep. Michele Grim (D-Toledo) last week called Governor Mike DeWine’s decision to veto the discriminatory House Bill (HB) 68 a much needed sign of support for Ohio’s LGBTQ+ children and the community overall, as well as parental rights.

“The state shouldn’t be making medical decisions for our families. I appreciate that Governor DeWine listened to the expertise of the medical community and the lived experiences of Ohio families and did the right things in vetoing HB 68,” said Rep. Grim.

House Democrats called on Gov. DeWine to veto the legislation saying, “Hate, as you yourself have said, has no place in this state,” in a Dec. 16 letter to the governor. The draconian HB 68 was a horrible solution to a problem that does not exist. The veto once again proves that all Ohioans have the right to keep their individual medical choices between them and their doctors.