TTEC 2023 Graduation Ceremony at Friendship Baptist

By Angie Hayes
The Truth Reporter

Ternion Training Education Center, TTEC, is an education center that provides high quality training programs to support learning, personal development and community contribution.  TTEC supported 2023 class Graduation by hosting The Graduation Commencement Ceremony December 13 at Friendship Baptist Church.

The event began with graduates preparing and getting ready for the procession and recognition and presentation of diplomas. Sixty-five students maintained a successful and complete educational process and received recognition and congratulations during the Graduation Ceremony.

The ceremony itself opened with motivational speakers and prayers. The following information was provided by staff and participants who supported the successful accomplishments of all students.

“I’m super proud of them, all of our graduates lead wherever they go,” said Compliance Director Tywana Gilford.

“Incredible graduates of TTEC, today we are here to celebrate the future growth,” added Shannon Carter.

Stephanie Boutte, TTEC President: “You have no idea how wonderful these graduates are. It’s a great pleasure that we are here to celebrate these amazing graduates. Today we not only acknowledge their graduation, but also their growth and success. Your journey is beginning, this is not the End, The Beginning. I congratulate you and love you all.”

Pastor Duane Tisdale started his communication in prayer and then added the following statements: “Congratulations to you, I am so proud of you. What you have accomplished doesn’t only affect you, it affects family too. Great benefits. Don’t make or find any stopping point. Perseverance means never giving up. It’s the perseverance and effort required. Upon graduation, effort and perseverance each graduate student has successfully maintained. Congratulations. Have a principle of continuous improvement, to keep making everything better. Keep making yourself better.”

“Since we are in God’s presence, I must acknowledge His grace,” said graduate Shawn M. Johnson. “I’d like to give a shoutout to Friendship Baptist for allowing us to be here. To my fellow graduates of 2023…we did it. We started here for a reason to provide a better lifestyle for ourselves and family…. WE MADE IT..  To the entire class of 2023, we made it and love you all.”

The action, acknowledgement and recognition of successful completion of the education process began with the presentation of diplomas. Diplomas were presented to 65 graduates: recognition of Certified Phlebotomy Technicians, Certified EKG Technicians, Certified Clinical Medical Assistants, HVAC/R Certified. Upon completion of Diploma distribution, the following information was provided to the attendees.

“Friendship Baptist Church opens their doors because of the accomplishments these students have made. The pastor feels that it’s important for the Church to demonstrate support,” stated Pat Sloan.

“All the training was no debt training. Everyone graduates with no student loans or debt.  They are embarking on a strong future with credentials to compete in a global community,” added Boutte.

Pastor Tisdale stated: “This is a life changing event. The graduates have  become more disciplined and proud and ready for a strong future.”

“I’ve grown a lot since attending TTEC,” said graduate Devona Taylor. “I received my GED and enrolled in the Medical Assistant Program, which helped me grow from the inside out. I’ve grown so much, from a struggling to a successful story.”

Upon the end of the diploma distribution and communication process, a time to socialize began and dinner, snacks and desserts were provided. The graduates were recognized and appreciated by all staff, family members and visitors who were present to observe the ceremony.

TTEC and Friendship Baptist Church provided significant recognition and acknowledgement of student success!