St. Paul Missionary Baptist Church Host Health Fair Sponsored by ABC/ Health Care and Area Office on Aging.

Volunteer Deborah Barnett

On Saturday December 9, 2023, the St. Paul Missionary Baptist Church hosted a “Health Fair” sponsored by ABC/Health Care and the Area Office on Aging from 9:00 a/m till 12:00 noon. Parishioner’s, family members, neighbors and friends from all around were present. Participants had to have a valid ID.

The Fair sponsored influenza shots and COVID-19 vaccines. Each participant received a $100. 00 gift card from Kroger’s or Meijers. It was a great turn out, and great protection for all involved. A great way of helping the Community fight disease. Pre-registration was required, as well as walk in’s were accepted.

There were members from St. Paul Missionary Baptist Church as well as other churches in the Community. Deacon and Mrs. Leroy Bates from the Indiana Ave. Baptist Church were present; Larry Sykes from First Church and many others. More than 75 people were in attendance.

Sister Mary Reed and Sister Deborah Barnett were able to register all of the attendees. There were staff members from ABC as well as Area Office on Aging available to be of service and attend to all members receiving the vaccines.

Church leaders extended their thanks to Sister Regina Russell and other staff from Area Office on Aging for a job well done. “I am grateful to God for an opportunity to assist in any way possible to help our community fight disease” said the Rev. Dr. James H. Willis, Sr., the Senior Pastor of St. Paul Missionary Baptist Church.