A Healing Ceremony for the Holiday

The Blessing of the candles

By Tricia Hall
The Truth Reporter

The members of A Journey Through Healing facilitated their annual 20th Holiday Memorial Service, an experience that provides an opportunity for attendees to grieve. Dozens of individuals, couples, children, families and grandparents once again filled the sanctuary at St. Martin de Porres Catholic Church, where the ceremonial program was held on Saturday, December 2.

Rev. Timothy Pettaway Sr, the founder and head pastor of Walk the Word Church, served as the pastoral leader, scripture was presented by Minister Nadine Hadley, a welcome delivered by Diane Labiche, PhD, and inspirational reading by Evangelist Beverly Lyles.

“The teddy bear that I received from Beatrice knows so much. The teddy bear knows all kinds of things that I said and didn’t say. If your heart is broken, know that the Lord loves you. I thank God for Beatrice,” shared Evangelist Lyles.

The service continued with musical selections, reflections from the youth who attended the Journey Through Healing camp, the candles were blessed and before the closing remarks were delivered, people had the opportunity to light candles and fellowship.

Beatrice Daniels and Rev. Tim Pettaway

“Camp Journey is where the children learn how to control their emotions, these babies shared so much with us,” shared Rev. Pettaway, Sr.

According to Merriam-Webster, grief is defined as a deep and poignant distress caused by bereavement, can cause suffering or trouble or annoyance. A Journey Through Healing’s annual Holiday Memorial Service creates a safe space for individuals who are grieving to receive support, support others, cry, receive a hug and seek resources regardless of age. Countless number of individuals lite candles to remember a loved one who died.

“For 20 years I have talked to thousands of individuals about their grief. Understand that grief is not just about death but about loss. Everyone is here because of loss,” shared Beatrice Daniels, founder and executive director of A Journey Through Healing. “I started this organization 20 years ago because I loss my best friend, my mother. We shared everything with each other, but she didn’t share with me that she was ill. I lost her three weeks later. I felt like no one understood my grief and from that I wanted to help people to never feel that way.”

A Journey Through Healing, Inc. seeks to provide the tools to help you travel through your grief and loss. They facilitate to caregivers, bereaved individuals, and families in the community on how to promote an awareness of grief and the needs of grieving people, providing support to both the bereaved and those who grieve through experience by facilitating the tools that are needed to get through the journey of healing.

Beatrice Daniels is a licensed chaplain and a trauma and grief management coach who specializes in one-on-one sessions, group settings and community presentations that focus on grief and loss. The organization is a 501(c)(3), contact beatricedan@msn.com. Current board members are: Jennifer Bembry, Sister Marya Czech, Jacqueline Jackson, Diane Labiche, Brenda Lanier, Maynard Porter, C.E. Savage, M.L. Sneed, Norman Bell, Sr. honorary board member, and T.C. Young Communications Advisor.