The Lourdes and Maritime Partnership

By Paul Hubbard
Guest Column

Maritime Academy and Lourdes University made their partnership official when Aaron Lusk, superintendent of Maritime Academy, and William Bisset, PhD, president of Lourdes University, and Paul Hubbard, chairman of Maritime Academy Board, signed a partnership agreement. Jim Hartung, vice president of Maritime board, Jada Jones and Shamarra Hayworth, students at Maritime, were also in attendance.

Jada Jones and Shamarra Hayworth, two Maritime students, say they may consider going to Lourdes University for a nursing degree. The two students went on a tour of the university campus and came back with smiles on their faces.

Jim Hartung observed that this is a win/win for both educational institutions. Aaron Lusk said this is a unique partnership because Lourdes has an incredibly diverse student population, the school is number two in the region for inclusion of students. Lusk when on to say the school wants to provide opportunities and pathways for all students including the economically disadvantaged students, and this partnership will help Maritime do this.

President William Bisset noted that Lourdes University is committed to fostering educational equity and breaking down barriers to college entry for Maritime student. Bisset went on to say that Lourdes would like to recruit and admit as many Maritime students to the university as possible. Bisset said Lourdes wants to recruit students but also wants to see them graduate from the university.

Maritime Academy includes grades six to 12 with options to pursue studies and credentials for careers on the water of the Great Lakes and rivers including the Laker Boats, also training in culinary arts, welding, dental assistance (soon), and environmental science. There is a hands-on aquatic simulator, a river boat, swimming pool and other educational assets at Maritime. Maritime Academy is located on the Maumee River in downtown Toledo.

Loudes will provide scholarships, math tutoring, field trips to Lourdes campus, teacher training for Maritime teachers, use of campus resources and opportunities for Maritime students to take college courses and seminars along with assistance in obtaining college financial aid. Loudes Students will also be involved with Maritime Academy students and staff.

Toledo Parents of School Age Kids should be aware that Maritime Academy is a great opportunity for their kids to consider an education.