Five Tips to Create an At-Home Study Space for Students

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Now that students are in the full swing of the school year, they will need a quiet personal area to study and tackle assignments. From research and writing to cramming for exams, here are five tips to help create an environment that is calm and conducive to learning.

Select a study sanctuary. Choose a location free from distractions away from the front door or a television. If you have limited space, convert a nook outside of the kitchen or a large empty closet into an office; just be sure this spot is well lit with natural light or several lamps.

Keep furniture fun and flexible. Comfortable furniture can make all the difference during an intense study session, so be sure to pick out a cozy couch and chair. Add a standing desk, so students can stretch their legs while continuing with the task at hand and consider purchasing a bean bag chair to keep the atmosphere relaxed.

Make it neat and tidy. Students can save time and reduce clutter by mounting a bulletin board to keep track of their exam schedule and other important study materials. Use heavy-duty, double-sided tape to hang it without damaging the wall, then personalize it with fun push pins, motivational quotes and a colorful border made from one of the many available Duck Tape colors and prints. Additionally, placing small bins in the desk area will help keep track of pens and sticky notes, and file holders will keep materials from each class separate and easily accessible.

Study in style. One way to keep the motivation going during the busy school year is to make this space feel fun and vibrant. Pick a color scheme or theme for the space, then hang wall art, band and movie posters or framed photos of family and friends to go with your chosen design direction. Add some colorful pillows to the desk chair or couch, then customize school supplies and containers to match the mood. For a burst of brightness, use Duck Mirror Crafting Tape to embellish pen holders or planters.

Complete weekend resets. After a busy school week, offices can become cluttered and messy with dust, scattered papers and food crumbs from those after-class snacks. Designate time on Sunday to clean up before the new school week begins. As part of the reset, place items back into their designated spots, update the bulletin board with new to-do lists and wipe down surfaces to maintain a clean and hygienic environment.

While the school year can get stressful, making use of these tips will help foster a great at-home educational environment so students can succeed all school year long.

Courtesy StatePoint