Celebrating the Essence and Importance of Black Men: CYT Images’ “Black Men Matter Photoshoot 2.0”

By Carla Thomas

The Truth Contributor

When asked the question, “Why a Black Men Matter photoshoot?” The answer is simple: while the value of white men is taken for granted, Black men face systemic devaluation in all facets of society. This photoshoot seeks to convey a powerful message: Black men are valuable, and their presence holds profound importance within our homes, schools, communities, and every space where we coexist as human beings. The need for such statements arises from the relentless challenges Black men confront, from being murdered by police to disproportionately facing incarceration.

The “Black Men Matter Photoshoot 2.0” was held October 22, 2023, on the steps of the Toledo Museum of Art, and gathered 28 men from diverse backgrounds, aged 18 and above, in a celebration of their value and importance to our community. The event’s focus is on honoring Black men while supporting a worthy cause.

One of the key elements of the event was the fundraising aspect. Participants were asked to make a minimum $25 donation to take part in the photoshoot. These funds were directed towards Pathway Inc., Brothers United, an organization led by Avis Files. One hundred percent of the donations from the event will benefit the organization’s mission which focuses on reducing poverty by providing comprehensive services that pave the way towards self-sufficiency. Through donations from the event, the community demonstrated solidarity and raised $1858.00.

This event was a wonderful success, not only because of the amazing men who participated, or the amount of funds raised, but in the message it conveyed. This gathering of men demonstrated the power of unity and collective action in honoring and supporting Black men, the invaluable members of our community.