Toledo Urban FCU Opens a New Branch in Quality Time Child Care Center

Aletha Easterly, Aria Cowell, Suzette Cowell

The Truth Staff

A number of youngsters are gaining some knowledge of and appreciation for saving their money due to the recent partnership between Toledo Urban Federal Credit Union and Quality Time Child Care.

About 20 three-to-five year olds opened savings accounts last week at Quality Time as Suzette Cowell, CEO of TUFCU, and Aletha Easterly, CEO of Quality Time, set up a process so the children will be able to make deposits once a month and watch their money increase.

“This is empowering our community,” said Cowell as she watched the youthful savers enjoy the process of handling money.

One of the students performed bank teller duties for the day. Aria Cowel, granddaughter of Suzette Cowell, displayed a flare for helping others manage their money – it’s a talent that clearly runs in the family!