John Legend Encourages Ohioans to Vote YES on Issue 1 — EARLY!

In the waning days of the Issue 1 campaign, supporters of Ohio’s extreme abortion ban try to hide their record, deceive voters

Emmy, Grammy, Tony, and Academy Award winning singer and songwriter John Legend, a native of Springfield, Ohio, is encouraging Ohioans to vote YES on Issue 1 as soon as possible. Early voting began two weeks ago for Issue 1, a reproductive rights amendment that would end the state’s extreme abortion ban and put women and families back in charge of private medical decisions about pregnancy and abortion.

“My fellow Ohioans, our chance to stop the government’s extreme abortion ban is on the ballot in November,” said John Legend in a video message to voters. “Issue 1 will get politicians out of personal decisions about abortion. So it is time for us to vote YES by November 7th. Early voting started October 11, you can vote early now. Let’s stand up for our families and our freedoms.”