A Renowned and Beloved Bishop Honored

Bishop McKinstry and Luther McKinstry

By Tricia Hall
The Truth Reporter

Over 200 people gathered to celebrate the 75th birthday and 34th pastoral anniversary of Bishop Pat McKinstry. The occasion was called, ‘Queen’s Royal Gala a Red Carpet Event,’ and was held on Friday, October 20. The guests in attendance were treated to a professional photographer, an estimated 20 ft. red carpet, a 360 automatic spin photo booth, table service and elegant white and crystal decorations.

“Thank God for you and I pray that you experience the best years ahead of you. We celebrate you on this day,” shared Pastor Park via video tribute.

“Thank you for the life that your life Bishop. You are an extreme expression of God’s love for me. Thank you for your wisdom and care,” shared Bishop Rossman via video tribute.

The celebration began as praise dancers dressed in white as Bishop McKinstry and her husband Luther McKinstry were escorted down the red carpet to a standing ovation. The room remained at a stand as a poem was recited that was entitled ‘Hail to the Queen.’ The poem mentioned positive and loving characteristics of Bishop McKinstry who was referred to as the Queen and later spoke about how beloved Mr. McKinstry is by his queen.

“I just had to say thank you, pause and give honor to Dr. Pat McKinstry for her faithful service in the vineyard. You are a woman worthy of honor,” shared Pastor Webb, via video tribute.

Also, during the recitation of the poem, Bishop McKinstry’s grandchildren Tashlai McKinstry Burney, EdD, principal of Rise and Shine Academy, and her husband Calvin Burney Jr., EdD, superintendent of Rise and Shine Academy, carried crowns down the red carpet and Bishop and Mother Page crowned Bishop McKinstry and Mr. McKinstry as the crowd applauded.

“I always see you in the word of God. Steady and able to break barriers and shake up the world. You declare the word of God and are a mother to this city,” shared Pastor Pitts via video tribute.

The celebration continued with in-person and virtual tributes, selections from the praise and workshop team, birthday cake presentation to Bishop McKinstry, a comedy set by Alton Walker and selections by singing group Darrel Petties. Bishop McKinstry is the pastor of Worship Center which is located on Collingwood Blvd in Toledo.

“Thank you my sister, you are still standing strong and you are such a blessing. I known her for so many years. May Heaven continue to smile upon you. Congrats. Keep on keeping on,” shared Bishop T.D. Jakes.