The Importance of Elevating Women Leaders

Tracee Perryman, PhD

By Asia Nail
The Truth Reporter

In the voice of a woman you love, like your grandmother, mom or auntie, hear her say, “In this world, baby, there’s no denying the strength, wisdom, and resilience that women possess.”

Women have held our families together, nurtured our communities, and paved the way for progress, often without recognition. Due to this, elevating women leaders is vital because it’s time for our voices to soar and for our contributions to be celebrated. It’s not about being better than anyone else; no!  It’s simply about realizing our full potential and breaking the chains that have been holding us back for far too long.

“Let me share a foundational principle of success with you,” says Tracee Perryman, PhD and author of Elevating Women Leaders, her newly released and highly demanded third book.

“You see, success is like a journey we embark on in life. It’s a desire deep within our hearts, but it’s also a path that can either lead us to joy and fulfillment or leave us feeling lost and empty.”

Success is not some one-size-fits-all destination. It’s a deeply personal and unique journey that varies for each of us. It’s like a map with countless routes, and the path you choose will determine your level of joy and fulfillment.



Tracee Perryman, PhD, is more than a talented writer. As CEO and co-founder of NW Ohio’s Center of Hope Family Services, she’s a visionary leader with a wealth of experience and a heart filled with compassion. With her extensive background in psychology, mental health counseling, and education, Perryman has become a thought leader in developing programs that empower marginalized individuals and groups. Her expertise lies in creating contemporary, data-driven and culturally relevant interventions that achieve remarkable results.


Defining Success for Joy and Fulfillment

If you chase success without first defining what it means to you, you might find yourself on Unfulfilled Avenue. When our choices don’t resonate with our true desires we may achieve things that society applauds us for, yet we still feel empty inside.

“That’s because true success isn’t just about external achievements;” explains Dr.P.

“It’s about aligning your actions with your values, passions, and dreams.”

Perryman goes on to explain, “It is important that we take the time to define what success really means —to YOU.”

Is it about making a difference in your community? Is it pursuing a career that ignites your soul? Is it building meaningful relationships or simply finding contentment in everyday moments? Whatever it may be, Elevating Women Leaders, and the actionable steps it provides, will help you gain clarity.

“This new definition of yourself will guide your journey allowing you to give yourself permission to answer your personal calls in life while bringing you closer to genuine happiness,” says Dr.P.

Beyond her professional roles, Tracee Perryman is a songwriter, using her musical talents to inspire and educate. Her dedication to fostering academic, emotional, and social resilience in children has led to the creation of the ELEVATE! Curriculum, a comprehensive program that supports students from diverse backgrounds. Her training workshops in program development, family engagement and juvenile justice system reform have empowered countless individuals and organizations to make meaningful change.


Tracee Perryman, PhD

Why This Book Matters in Our Time

Now, let me tell you why Tracee Perryman’s book, Elevating Women Leaders, is like a precious gem in our hands. In today’s world, where diversity and inclusion are no longer just words, but actions that demand our attention, this book is a beacon of hope, sharing the stories, struggles and triumphs that build the character of the women that choose to answer their calls.

This book isn’t just for women though; it’s about humanity. It reminds us that when women rise, we all rise. It’s a roadmap for equality and empowerment. And in a time where we see movements for justice and change all around us, this book is a reminder that we have a role to play, and that both our experiences and voices matter.

In our culture, we’ve often been surrounded by challenges, obstacles and, sometimes even, adversity. It’s as if we’ve been swimming in these shark-infested waters for generations, navigating reiterated trials and tribulations. But you see, it’s not about what has been done; it’s about the choices we make for our future.

In these times we stand at a crossroads. We can choose to be consumed by the past, to be swept away by the waves of history, or we can choose to chart a new course. It’s about harnessing the power of mental focus, of finding that inner peace, even in the most turbulent of circumstances.


The Silent Inspiration of Positive Souls

Dr. P’s remarkable journey of 26 years as a non-profit CEO and her tireless commitment to social justice education wasn’t always understood.

“Many times, I chat with women who feel they are not where they should be at a particular moment in their lives,” shares Perryman in the section of her book entitled Stop Trying to Play Catch-Up and Live Now!

You see, Dr. Tracee embodies the essence of a positive soul, and her impact goes far beyond words. She may not always be the loudest voice in the room, but her actions speak volumes.

“When I am the loudest in the room it’s because my parents gave me and my siblings permission to be great at a young age I think,” she shares. “I want women to stop shying away from their voice to placate others just because that’s the role society gave us in the past.”

Dr. P consistently dedicates herself to uplifting communities, advocating for justice, and creating spaces for growth and healing —just a few of the reasons we all love her. That’s because deep down we can see that her work isn’t just a job to her; it’s her calling. Thank you for answering.

In the realm of overcoming obstacles, Dr. Tracee understands that survival often demands resilience beyond measure. The daily grind can seem unending, and yet, amid the struggle, she never loses sight of the importance of leading with love. “I know it’s not just about conquering external challenges, for me it’s about nurturing the hearts and minds of the children I serve,” says Perryman.

What makes us love and respect Dr. P as a Toledo community is the unwavering dedication she pours into her work. She doesn’t just see her students as pupils; she sees them as her own, deserving of the love, care, and opportunities every child should have.

It’s this deep, maternal affection that sets her apart, that transforms her programs into places where hope is not just a word but a reality.

Her leadership is not driven by ego or ambition; it’s fueled by a genuine desire to uplift those who need it the most. Dr. Tracee’s love becomes a driving force, nurturing not only her students’ minds, but most importantly their potential.

“I tell everyone, students and professionals alike, when you’re not ready to use your voice, put your head up and let your confidence speak for you,” she says. “Other people’s respect for you will build your own confidence and you will begin to also develop sharing your voice the more you speak up and put yourself out there.”

Leaders like Dr. P don’t do what they do for praise or recognition. They do it because they believe in the power of change, the potential of humanity, and the importance of making the world a better place. Her inspiration flows quietly, like a gentle river, touching our lives in ways she may never fully realize.

“Tracee Perryman was always a bright spot in my senior English class. For years she had been selected to represent St. Ursula to guests and potential students on account of her sunny personality and somewhat scholarly demeanor, but it was in the classroom that Tracee really demonstrated a deep interest in literature and world events. I was not surprised to learn that she eventually embraced her educational opportunities to earn a doctorate, or that her chief interest was in empowering young women. She was always a warm-hearted student leader, a devoted sister, and a deeply religious child. That strong moral character, as well as the ability to apply her talents to important tasks were evident in her youth. These qualities, on top of her Christian faith, have clearly fashioned Tracee into the inspiring woman she is today.” -Chrissy Rode English Department Chair

St. Ursula Academy

In Dr. Tracee’s journey, we find a lesson for anyone who aspires to create positive change. It’s about giving yourself permission to answer your own call, to pursue your passions, and to make a difference, even when the world isn’t watching and especially when we know they are. Tracee’s energy and dedication give us all the permission to step into our own power, to follow our hearts, and to be the change we wish to see.

“Dr. P, my beloved sister, finally gave me permission to do something! As her baby sis, I’m used to going to her for permission to do something, and being met with “no.” But this time my big sister finally and rightly gave me permission: the permission to lead unapologetically and confidently. I recently took on a new leadership role and was told by a close confidante that the streets were talking: They said I was too arrogant to lead because I was not bashful about my accomplishments and qualifications. What they mistook for arrogance, though, was confidence. As a leader, like Dr. P, I now have permission to be confident, not dimming my light for others, but instead, shining my light and granting permission to others whom I lead and Black women leaders across the globe to rightfully shine their lights. With this permission, I am eternally grateful for Dr. P, the world’s best big sister and permission grantor extraordinaire!” -Dr. Staci M. Perryman-Clark, Sister & Interim Dean, Merze Tate College Western Michigan University

Tracee Perryman’s words ring with profound wisdom in this book, reminding us that while leading with love and peace is crucial, there are moments when we must stand up and fight!

As women, we’ve often been conditioned to avoid confrontation, to shrink in the face of adversity. We’ve faced pressures to be passive, to silence our voices, and to accept the unacceptable. But in this chapter, Dr. P urges us to give ourselves the most powerful weapon we possess – our mind – and the permission to use it.

Fighting is not just about conflict; it’s about defending what we believe in, protecting our values, and advocating for our rights. It’s about standing up against injustice, discrimination, and inequality. It’s about being warriors for our brands, our principles, our calls, and our very existence.

In a world where we’ve often been denied a voice, Dr. P’s words empower us to find our voice and use it.

” ‘Friendships cherished as years go by, scenes of happy days..’ ” an excerpt from St. Ursula Academy’s (our high school) song couldn’t ring more true. I was blessed by meeting Tracee my freshman year. From there our friendship was fortified through mutual participation on the school’s bowling team and out of town bowling tournaments, attending Sunday church services, and sleepovers at her childhood home. Today our friendship is strengthened through past Christmas Dinners shared with her and her family, as well as various points of contact through our mobile devices. Through the changes of the times, one thing has always remained true, Tracee has a light that won’t be dimmed by anyone anywhere and her latest book “Elevating Women Leaders” is a testament to that truth. From her use of the word “permission” in chapter one to the last chapter “Leading with Love,” she encourages all of us to answer our own personal call. Thank you Tracee for continuing to ELEVATE. -Courtney Stith, childhood friend

The consensus? Get this book.

Dr. Tracee has shown us the way in Elevating Women Leaders, by leading with helpful principles. This isn’t just a book; it’s a testament to the strength and spirit of women who have carried the weight of the world on their shoulders. It’s a call to action, a source of inspiration, and a tribute to the powerful women who’ve come before us and those who will come after we’re gone. It’s time to lift each other up, embrace our power, and let our voices be heard. That’s the legacy we’ll leave for generations to come. In the poetic words of Dr. P, “Feminine Fighters…It doesn’t matter if people acknowledge, support, or agree with what you do, you will always find satisfaction when to yourself, you are true!”

Tracee Perryman invites us all to leave her a review of your experience with this special book. She appreciates the loving energy and reads each one personally.