Donnetta Carter: A Social Butterfly Shining a Bright Light on So Many Others

Carter at Small Business Saturday

By Asia Nail
The Truth Reporter

Meet Donnetta Carter, a master of juggling life’s flavors with her own special seasoning. Armed with a master’s of Social Work from the University of Toledo and a heaping spoonful of entrepreneurial zest, she’s the captain of her ship, steering her empire The Social Butterfly through the bustling urban landscape.

“I don’t just plan events, I produce unforgettable experiences,” Carter explains.

Carter isn’t about sticking to the script. Diversity, equity and inclusion aren’t just buzzwords to her – they’re the colors on her palette. She’s all about crafting events that reflect the rich tapestry of life. Whether it’s a soulful concert or a networking shindig, everyone’s invited to her event, and she’s making sure no one’s left out.

The Social Butterfly organizes Expos such as: Small Business Saturday, Business & Health EXPO and Holiday Bazaar. Donnetta Carter also hosts fundraisers for non-profit organizations throughout northwest Ohio and surrounding areas. Her promotion and marketing of concerts, events, summits, conferences and more is robust to say the least.

“I’m a unifier, a collaborator, a bridge builder,” Carter says.

Small businesses aren’t just stats on paper to Donnetta – they’re dreams she’s nurturing with her own hands. “Gaining exposure, increasing networking opportunities, and customer engagement are all things I make sure to incorporate in my small business events,” she explains. “These are the activities that help small businesses increase their revenue.”

Last Saturday local business vendors did just that as they lit up Ottawa Park with fun and festivities. And Carter is happy to report her Small Business Saturday was a success again this year! “Mike Williams on sax really made the atmosphere special,” she shares.

Now, The Social Butterfly isn’t just stacking events like a deck of cards, either. “I’m on a mission to uplift our community,” she says. “Fundraisers aren’t just about dollars and cents to me – they’re about pouring our hearts and souls into causes that matter.”

Hold onto your hats (or better yet, grab your biggest one) – because The Social Butterfly’s 4th Annual Sundresses & Big Hats Day Party Fundraiser is about to hit Toledo this September 10, 2023.

Picture this: a beautiful Sunday afternoon where Toledo Botanical Garden is your playground, and the Terrace Room is your dance floor. Sundresses that sway like the breeze and big hats rivaling skyscrapers – that’s the dress code.

“This isn’t just about the fashion; it’s about the cause too,” adds Carter. “A portion of the proceeds will support Ovarian Cancer Connection. We are turning fashion into compassion, hat competition and all!”

This past sun-drenched August 11 was another perfect backdrop, that Donnetta produced, setting the stage for an unforgettable evening of entertainment and heartfelt generosity. She made the Detroit Princess Riverboat, a floating haven for Motown magic, hosting a Motown Dinner and Dance Cruise that set sail as an annual tribute to grooving and giving.

The Motown Dinner and Dance Cruise was a fundraiser with a purpose – to support HK Mission Charity in creating activity pouches for the brave little warriors at the Toledo Children’s Hospital.

Another cool fact that sets the social butterfly apart is that  Carter isn’t just throwing a spotlight on her own events, she’s also giving shine to the whole northwest Ohio scene. As a writer for the Stalwart Magazine, Donnetta dishes out info on the hottest events in the city monthly!

With her social work background, Donnetta’s been described as a counselor and confidante rolled into one, turning events into safe spaces where connections naturally bloom.

Her community roots also run deep. As a member of the Lucas County Mental Health and Recovery Services Board, the Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Zeta Alpha Omega Chapter, the Women of Toledo, and Her/Hub for women-led small businesses, Carter is a powerhouse of connection, community, and empowerment, weaving together the threads of sisterhood and entrepreneurship with finesse.

Donnetta’s work isn’t just about events; it’s about weaving stories of unity, justice, and celebration. She’s creating experiences that move the needle, amplifying voices that deserve to be heard. From the dance floors to the scholarship brunches, she’s a conductor of moments, a magician of memories, and an urban legend in the making.

For bringing artists, thinkers, and entrepreneurs alike into the same creative mix, Ms. Donnetta Carter we thank you.

So next time you’re at an event that’s got you grooving and moving, think about The Social Butterfly, the urban eventress, the maestro of meaningful moments. Because in her world, every event isn’t just a party – it’s a platform for dreams, a canvas painted with unity, and a symphony of success. Reminding us all of her motto: “No one can dim your light.”