Bethesda Christian Center Donates the Entire “Shoe Store” to the Community

Bishop Marjorie Holt

Special To The Truth

Bethesda Christian Center has been around for 25 years in the Toledo community and the one thing that they have been known for is the MINISTRY OF HELPS. Much of what has happened during these 25 years started in a warehouse at 2138 Ashland Ave., which has followed them and remained paramount to their mission at the present location at 5967 Telegraph Rd.

Bishop Marjorie Holt, Founding Senior Pastor of Bethesda, has been delivering service to the community as a servant called by God to do just that, SERVE. She has served in many areas ranging from an entrepreneur, college professor, social service professional, government official, community activist, and so much more. However, the greatest reward for her has been derived from her insurmountable GIFT OF GIVING.

Bethesda has always been marketplace friendly with an entrepreneurial spirit harvested in each of its buildings, with the mission to instill the need and opportunity for young people and others with special talents, to launch their own businesses that would encourage and enable them to become independent.

Recently, that same spirit became prevalent in the opening of THE SHOE STORE, where more than 500 pairs of ladies new and gently worn made their way to the Summit Street Shopping Plaza on Summit Street in Point Place.

While the intent was to remain a store, a thought gave way to Bishop Holt that would ultimately resonate which led to the notion that it would be a God-giving reward to just donate the shoe store to those who would benefit from receiving nice shoes. The shoe types ranged from tennis shoes, casual and dressy flats, evening wears, designer heels, sandals, boots, and more.

This notion became a reality. She has been donating to community ever since the vision re-enforced itself. Many of the shoes have been given to women’s shelters, families, churches, drop off locations and individuals in need of shoes for the entire family. Any remaining shoes left after August 28, the closing date, will be donated to Grace Community Center, where individuals and families will still have access to them.

The SHOE STORE is located at 6204 Summit Street in the Shopping Plaza next to the Restaurant. You may call 567.225.4902 for an appointment to visit the store, as pickup is by appointment only.

Bethesda Christian Center is at 5967 Telegraph Rd. Toledo, Oh. where services are held at 11 AM on Sunday and 6 PM each Tuesday.