Second Baptist Holds Order of Worship and Consecration for Bishop Jerry Lee Boose

Pastor Jerry and First Lady Debra Boose just before the Consecration

The Truth Staff

On a bright, beautiful Saturday morning, hundreds of worshippers gathered at Second Baptist Church to witness the consecration of Rev. Jerry L. Boose to the position of Bishop in the Lord’s Church. The Chief Consecrator for Saturday’s event was Bishop Patricia McKinstry of The Worship Center.

The 10 a.m. event opened with a procession which included church notables and visiting participants in the consecration.

And so it began:

“Your Excellency, The Most Reverend Alpha Patricia McKinstry, Bishop in the Lord’s Church. The Clergy and the people of Second Baptist Church, trusting in the guidance of the Holy Spirit, consent to the consecration of Jerry Lee Boose in the office of Bishop-Ordinary. We therefore ask you to lay hands on Him and in the power of the Holy Spirit to consecrate him as Bishop in the One, Holy and Universal Church,” said Senior Elder Tracy Brown to begin the Presentation.

Rev. Boose was presented, took the Oath of Conformity and signed the Declaration which was duly witnessed. The full congregation responded that it was their will that Boose be consecrated a bishop.

A service of the Ministry of the Word followed as Rev. John Williams of the River of Life Church offered the invocation; Rev. Cedric Brock of Mt. Nebo Baptist Church read a lesson from the Old Testament; Rev. Radnad ll Carter of the Resurrection Baptist Church read from the Epistles; Rev. Robert Lyons heard the Holy Gospel of Our Lord Jesus Christ; Rev. Liston Page II presented the offertory and, after a musical selection by the Consecration Choir, introduced the homilist.

The homily was offered by Rev. Neal Roberson.

The Liturgy of Consecration – the Examination – followed the homily and Rev. Boose acknowledged that he had been called to the office of bishop, that he will continue to exercise himself in the Holy Scriptures, that he will continue to be diligent in his practice of the Christian Life; that he will continue to fulfill his calling to people committed to his care and that he will continue to nourish, teach and encourage those in his care.

Rev. Jerry Boose is a native Toledoan, a graduate of Scott High School and the University of Toledo. He has earned a bachelor of Biblical Studies from Ashland Bible School, a master of Biblical Studies and doctor degree in Divinity from Eastern Missouri Bible College.

He joined the Toledo Fire Department in 1984, from which he retired in 2014. He began his leadership of Second Baptist Church in 2008, which moved to its new home in Monclova in 2015.

Bishop Boose, in addition to his pastoral duties also operates a nonprofit called Agape Second Chance Corporation what focuses on feeding children, healthcare for the community, groceries for area families.

Boose serves on the boards of the Neighborhood Health Association, the Toledo Urban Federal Credit Union, Toledo Firefighters’ Health Plan and the Lucas County Metropolitan Housing Service Corporation.

After the Liturgy during Saturday’s consecration, the Bishop-Elect prostrated himself before the Chief Consecrator to symbolize his unworthiness for the new office and to note his dependence upon God and the prayers of the entire congregation to be successful in his new office. Only then was the candidate, Rev. Boose, prepared for the Investiture.

Bishop Boose, now newly consecrated, celebrated the Communion and greeted the First Lady and the rest of the clergy and offered his words of acknowledgement.