Lo Salem Missionary Baptist Church Celebration

Pastor Damon Horton, Pastor Marquisa Horton, Rev. Crosby, Pastor John Savage Sr, Pastor Angie Savage, Pastor Ray and Prophetess DeDe Alexander with Minister Michael Savage – seated

By Tricia Hall
The Truth Reporter

Lo Salem Missionary Baptist Church celebrated the ordination of Minister Michael Savage, a trustee installation and recognition of MLK Kitchen for the Poor board members on Sunday, August 6.

The Sullivan Center was filled with congregational members and community supporters. Tisha Mays opened the program as the emcee, Harvey Savage Jr. delivered a warm welcome and Elder Louis Savage presented the opening prayer as dinner was served.

“The MLK Kitchen for the Poor, has a board that is about service and it’s a blessing that a board like that has come together for that purpose. The board takes a look at what the needs are, and we figure out a plan to help the community” shared Savage Jr., MLK Kitchen for the Poor executive director.

The first portion of the ceremony was the introduction of the MLK Kitchen for the Poor new and current board members. This portion was facilitated by the board president, Tyneka Forrest. The new board members were introduced first, then the current board members were introduced second. Each board member took a moment to deliver words of inspiration that were rooted in their interest to serve the community.

“It’s time for me to come out of my shell and continue to help my community. This is the time,” said new board member Angel Hurns.

“I initially thought the MLK Kitchen for the Poor was just a place where you could come in and eat, but it’s so much more than that. There are programs that occur outside the building like the boxed meals and hot meals that are needed by the community,” said new board member Johnny Horn.

The second portion of the ceremony was the Lo Salem ordination service of Minister Michael Savage, Trustee Dante’ Mays Sr and Trustee Johnny Horn. The ordination was led by Pastor John Savage Sr. and assisted by a team of ministry leaders: Pastor Angie Savage, Pastor Damon Horton, Pastor Marquisa Horton, Prophetess DeDe Alexander, Pastor Ray Alexander and Reverend Rodney Crosby. Each ministry leader gave Biblical words of encouragement, shared prayers, scriptures and that portion of the ceremony closed with a prayer circle.

“I feel the love from everyone that is here today. I pray that I remain holy and walk in this walk that is called by God. Please continue to keep me in your prayers,” said Minister Michael Savage.

The ceremony service concluded with words of encouragement shared by Minister Cynthia Wright and benediction by Minister Nadine Hadley.

MLK Kitchen for the Poor is located at 650 Vance Street. The board members are: Tyneka Forrest, president; Taylor Savage, vice president; Jeff Swiech, secretary; Mario Goveia, treasurer; and board members John Chapman, Johnny Horn, Pastor John Savage Sr., Kathleen Baldoni, Kathi Taub, Jahnee Horn and Angel Hurns. For assistance call 419-241-2596.

Lo Salem Missionary Baptist Church is located at 660 Vance and under the leadership of Pastor John Savage Sr., and Angie Savage. The congregation hosts Bible Study every Wednesday at 7:00 p.m. For more information about ministry and services, call 419-376-2012