Planet Fitness Outfits Waite High School’s Fitness Center

Principal Todd Deem announces the Planet Fitness gift as Superintendent Romules Durant, right, looks on

The Truth Staff

“This is one true testament to serving the community,” said Toledo Public Schools Superintendent Romules Durant, EdD, during an announcement last week about the gift from Planet Fitness (Epic Fitness Group LLC) to Waite High School that will enable students, staff and faculty to work out on first rate equipment.

“This is a great opportunity for Waite High School,” noted Waite Principal Todd Deem as he echoed Durant’s joy at the availability of the equipment for all those connected to the high school, not jut the student athletes.

The donation from Planet Fitness includes: 15 resistance machines; a full set of dumbbells; four flat benches and free weights; three treadmills; three elliptical machines; two stationary bikes and two recumbent bikes. The result is a total renovation of the school’s fitness center.

“This was a partnership made in heaven,” said Art Nichols, Planet Fitness director of Facilities and Construction. “This was not just for the students/athletes but all the students and faculty as well.

This is the second such donation to TPS by Planet Fitness. Two years ago they provided Scott High School with a similar fitness center.

Both Durant and Deem took particular pleasure in the upgrade to the Waite facilities as each noted he is a graduate of the school and, now as leaders, can rejoice in the transformation of the building over the recent years.

“There’s not a while lot of options over here,” noted Durant of the east Toledo community and the limited choices for the students.