Vote No on Issue 1 Rally at Warren AME

Pastor LeRoy Williams

By Angie Hayes
The Truth Reporter

On Thursday, July 2, at 5:30 p.m., former Ohio Governor Dick Celeste and former Ohio Attorney General Betty Montgomery headlined an event at Warren AME Church to provide information to the those in attendance to vote NO on Issue 1. The community was invited to come and get involved in the process to fight back.  The message of the event was “This summer Ohio has a special election – your vote is your voice so make it heard. Vote.”

Election day is Tuesday August 8 and Issue 1 is viewed by many Ohioans as an attack on democracy. Issue 1 asks voters to make it more difficult for citizen initiated constitutional amendments to pass. The event provided very much knowledge and information to support and motivate the community to vote No. Along with the information, attendees were provided food and giveaways.

Petee Talley of the Ohio Unity Coalition shared the following information: “Voters have power but it’s only good if we use it. We have to use our power to vote in every election. This election is probably one of the most important. Issue 1 is bad for Ohioans and especially for black Ohio voters, as it limits our freedom to vote on issues that matter to us, our families and our community. Go vote No August 8.”

Tom Rose, Ohio Federation of Teachers Field Coordinator made the following statement: “We care, we fight!”

Bill Finnegan of UFCW Local 75 added: “My feeling is amazing that the State Assembly has put this on the ballet!”

The organizers provided the following talking points for attendees to use with friends, neighbors, colleagues and family members:

I am voting NO on Issue 1 because we have the freedom to amend the state Constitution when politicians will not act.

I am voting NO on Issue 1 because it is an assault on majority rule by an Illinois billionaire and other special interests to control our democracy.

I am voting NO on Issue 1 because we have amended our constitution to do things like raise the minimum wage, provide bonuses to war veterans and pass measurers to create jobs and help our economy. Issue 1 robs our freedom.

I am voting NO on Issue 1 to send a message to special interests that are trying to buy corrupt politicians and our state that enough is enough.

I am voting NO on Issue 1 because four former Ohio Governors and five former Ohio Attorney Generals from both parties have come out against this attack on simple majority rule.

I am voting NO on August 8 because special interests are trying to cheat the system by putting this on a low-turnout Special Election, thinking most of us Ohioans aren’t paying attention.

I am voting NO on Issue 1 because we should maintain the right and freedom, we have had in Ohio for the past 111 years to amend our state constitution by majority rule.

The event provided multiple interactions with many individuals to support and motivate them to vote No on Issue 1 along with knowledge, information, resources and interactions were large and beneficial to help them spread the word.