Democratic Women in Action

Left to Right: Gloria Mayne, Bessie Maddox, Kimberly Brown, Kristen Geaman, Patricia London, Essie Wiggins, Krista Schneider, Sheryl Doggett

The Truth Staff

During an executive committee meeting of the Democratic Women in Action last week at the Mott Branch Library, members expressed their dismay with the Ohio Republicans effort to stymie the democratic process by placing Issue 1 on the special election ballot for August 8.

Attendees addressed the ways they can assist in getting out the vote, how they can urge voters to vote early by knocking on doors, mailing postcards, said club president, Essie Wiggins.

The members of the club are joining Democrats around the state in attempting to enhance turnout that can typically be as low as six percent of registered voters for special elections.

Members who were not present at last week’s meeting are: Cecilia Adams, PhD; Barbara Campbell; Sharon Echols-Anderson; State Senator Michele Grim; Brenda Hill; Diana Johnson; Erica Krause; Michelle Quilter; Carlis Stevens; Judy Stone; Jamele Walker; Erika White; Lucas County Commissioner Tina Skeldon-Wozniak and Brenda Watkins.

The Democratic Women in Action will host their annual Four-Person Golf Scramble on August 11 at the Whiteford Golf Course in Ottawa Lake, Michigan. For more information on the group’s action plans for the special election or the golf scramble, call 419-536-3555.

Left to Right – Councilwoman Katie Moline, Gloria Sasue, Priscilla Brown, Janet Kruse, LC Treasurer Lindsay Webb, Essie Wiggins, Ulo Ogbonna